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Author chume14
Tags 01123 author:chume14 chume rated tang tileset wu
Created 2009-02-09
Last Modified 2009-04-12
by 13 people.
Map Data

Description This is a tile-set for 01123 please use and ded when your finished
inspired by see here
I did previously think of this I think the curves could lead to some interesting gameplay but then I forgot so thanks to 01123 for reminding me, for rating my maps and more importantly knowing your music =)

no. 23

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Wu-tang clan ain't nutin to f*** with!

I do value

peoples honest opinion even if it isn't positive because then when it is it is worth so much more =)

I think that

both very simple and very complex maps can be fun .. I do not mind chuppy gameplay, but I also like to jump around in big open areas :p
Looks cool too =)

no seriously

no worries

Sorry man

:/ Didn't mean to... you know

thanks kool-aid

Maybe I should have disabled ratings but its not doing to bad.
Wu-tang killa bees, we on a swarm


nice,nice,nice tileset
killer bees,,nukka ;]
love wu-tang 5/5

no worrys

sorry mustardude it was supposed to be simple though I'll do a more complex one next time and thank to whoever rated it nice


try to do something with it. I give it a 4 because I'm using it. thanks.
Just way too... idk, simple.