Blocky Curve 5 - Mobius

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Author chume14
Tags action author:chume14 blocky chume curve mobius rated
Created 2009-02-12
Last Modified 2009-04-12
by 29 people.
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Description Haven't done one of these in a couple of weeks was good to get back to it. Has some similar points to number 4 you can glide round seamlessly its just a matter of getting the jumps perfect. However this time though the shape is more complex (Its a Lemniscate of bernoulli by the way) the game play is very simple and should be speed runnable. I'm not much of a noob anymore I realise lag is a problem and recent maps have avoided it but for this series its pretty unavoidable ignore it or go elsewhere comments revolving around it achieve nothing as from this series popularity its clear that people can still enjoy these maps anyway. please rate comment and most important enjoy =)

The series so far

Blocky Curve []

2 - Spiral []

3 - Thwump Spiral []

4 - Two Face []

5 - Mobius []

no. 24

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i love how it looks sort of 3D

This is cool.

How do you make links in the description? Please answer in some of my maps.


that was hard work, wasn't it?
...although the lag dominated my computer too much to give you a demo for your work on this one. I hope there's a sixth one coming our way soon. Let me know. 5/5


Demo Data

cool thanks

check out the series if you have time =)

Looks amazing

Interesting. I gave it 5 because i know it's insanely hard to draw this shape with symmetry.
co-ordinates are written by a program I made for this map
play the level and you should see

are thise

naned thumps?
curves of objects in basic (a code language) but its not very user friendly and you have to know the mathematical equation of the curve you want to make


program do u use?

Well IMO

Mr Syco is just wasting bandwidth, thats not criticism, thats just a pointless comment without telling you how to fix it.

I cannot believe that I just wasted five minutes reading every comment on this map, only to find that gator boy had deleted the interesting ones.

And then I got to PALEMOON's.



this isn't as good as any of the others (besides the first one). Although it's good to see someone else that uses code editing instead of z-snap :)


for PNI's and PALEMOON's comments.


yea i support the biggies to like no3 and palemoon when he used to make arts


(゚、 。 7
 l、 ~ヽ
 じしf_, )ノ
my use of respect in my comment but I do respect him he was the first person (and only) to comment on my first map and he's kinda one of the giants here I don't mind him knowing thats what I think. also I kinda misread your earlier comment I though you meant you had got a new account but no you just take it slow like me there are people who have been here the same amount of time as me and made 200 maps when I've made 20 but I don't worry I'm chilled

gitare hero matt

what do you mean yay respect, not to be imposing just wondering
i came in as unexpectadly as i came out so this is my original name but i want to change it here soon and maybe not use as many blocks for a new map and work with tiles about the lag comment

Oooh! Respect!

Yay, I wouldn't want to be overtly imposing, but I prefered the third one out of all of those mostly because it looked the best. I'm not that interesting in playing them, although if you want to make them playable I'm sure they'd turn out great.
sorry wont do that again =/

dont be dissaponted

some maps just dont get the cut by ppl so you just keep trying and trying until you get the perfect map, like my short circuit map, it didnt get rates but i got the comments i wanted so ill just keep pushing forward to make a great map

deleted comments

by stonysmile (for unnecessary flaming) and the_happy_taco (because his comment didn't really make sense without stoney's).

Don't tell other members to fuck off simply because they say a map is boring. That is unwarranted behaviour and will get you a temp ban if I see you do it again over such a minor comment like that of Mr_Syco's. Mr_Syco is entitled to his opinion of saying the map is boring. If you can't control your temper in a comment then don't comment.

Your behaviour has changed nothing about Mr_Syco and you now have a verbal warning. Congratulations.

NUMA Moderator

Yeay see that

is fine someone (gtm) I respect actually giving advice I'm disappointed you didn't think it was as exciting as previous ones I know 4 and 5 don't look as good as 2 and 3 but thats because I've been trying to make them actually playable as well hmmm. Aa for tile-set that is something I can work on its not random but it is kinda vague and uninspired so I'll try and do a better one next time I'm not very good at tiles though.
i was a really good n artist back about a year ago, like n' cristmas (sorry im still getting back and forgot how to use the hyperlink), but i had to do school and stuff like that, now school isn't as bad as it was and i can get back on, i was actually pretty good to start of, my first map, stop following me a dda, actually got good ratings, but right now ive got about 6 half done n arts and a glitch map im working on and i can catch up on my mapmaking fun
maybe find a way not to make it laggy so you can make a large complicated race
It's just not great fun to play on. Also, I was kinda taking the mickey, not too serious.

On a serious note, maybe some regular tile arrangement would looker nicer than this random stuff. Something more stylish and complementory.
the others were beter you actually gave yourself a reason


well its even more complicated, even more reason its not boring and took hella time to make


Boring in comparison to the others.

Oh, people are noticing. Guess I'm not talking to myself, then.


to mr_syco of course

By the way happy_taco this isn't z_snapped its direct code as in I produced the numbers that feed the x and y co-ordinates using basic code otherwise it would be impossible to get it smooth enough to glide thats not the same as commonly computer generating it though Its hard work I spent a lot of today doing it but thanks =)


if your gonna say boring, say why and it may make sence, it can actually help, but if you dont say anything your talking to yourself

also i liked your spirals more but still cool 4/5

thanks guys

I don't mind criticism but it has to have more backing it up than that

haha pni

maybe thats what you wish they were also rce?



speed run

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