When adventure becomes non-linear...

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Tags adventure agd author:ndeavour featured hard jumper mapdraft3 rated
Created 2009-05-16
Last Modified 2009-05-16
by 29 people.
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Mapdraft map round 3!
See first comment for rules.
Thanks go to lord_day, Gloomp and Leaff for playtesting and helping me fix up the bits of concern.
THis map is of medium to hard difficulty and requires some skill in the areas of jumping. (See first post for basic AGD route). I will give out a DED to the fastest AGDer with the correct (uncheated) route.

Thanks in advance for RCE'ers (I will try my best to return the favour)

This map was featured on 2009-12-30

When adventure becomes linear... What happens then? Are you forced to figure out new ways to reach new heights? Maybe you can swing through those perfectly z-snapped arcs of gold. Or you can just laugh at the floorguards, who can't move more then two tiles. Whatever happens, the adventure is sure to be intense.

-BionicCryonic — Seneschal

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Bad map. The route is way too linear, and the map itself lacks substance.

Very great. Nonlinear maps that aren't so obviously made out of tunnels are enjoyability at maximum.

I was just browsing

your maps to see which of your maps was featured...turns out I featured it o_O


i missed this because I was away at the time.
it's a real shame you couldn't make the walls unclimbable

my slow agd

the tiles are really cool! and flowy 5/5
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Not the fastest speed demo, but meh.
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congrats on your first feature!!

lol i used to use this map to style some of my old ones

great map

to feature!!! 5!!!

Not bad.

I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere.

Good grief

I dont even know what i did to get to the top section :/
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Quick! PM palemoon!

He got me my packs, he can get you yours too!

i found it

kinda boring and easy...unless you did it the way it was suppose to be done, which i didnt like anyway

kinda good

i have no chance with the speedrun though
not fully satisfied with this run but meh. Still probably half a second or so from maxxed out..
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I surrender, Ska. 508 is the best I'll get, I think.


a totally different method
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probably a faster method but whatever
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I broke 500
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ok Seneschal

try and beat this one:
Demo Data


Fair enough, a straight 4 then, which comes to the same thing anyway :)
Nice to see no-one has taken either of my 0ths...yet.

no mines?

that's a dream come true
That was the only place I could really put them


It took me a lot of tries, but I finally have the fastest AGD on nreality (528 frames).
This map is pretty fun and addictive, although only the top floorguard comes close to being effective.
3.5 up


speedrun on nreality.
I'll try for an AGD now.


Demo Data


romaniac's route is probably faster, but oh well.
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i love the atmosphere

I feel for you man

That happened to me so many times. ;_;


so not fair :D

i like the calmness of it all
Demo Data
and right now, it's exclusive to moa mappers only. Don't expect it to come out soon, but we are getting a reasonable amount of maps.

Dang, you definately beat my MapDraft :/
Great gameplay aswell as an even better tileset.
release my n-arts, just sit back and relax.
"Who says maps don't get enough attention these days, looking at hotmaps as of now, there are a bundle of rated maps" :P

Oh yeah I did.

Simultaneous shit is bad.

Hey Nphasis

Long time no see If I have the time tonight I will definately RCE to see how you are doing :D

Meant to say


Good map

Why don't create more often?



Do you mean mapdraft?


You're so enthusiastic. I would definitely check some of the other MoA maps, especially KA's.