The Lionheart.

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Author The_Farman
Tags author:the_farman map rated
Created 2009-06-27
Last Modified 2009-06-27
by 17 people.
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Description Hey guys. Or those who remember me. I've been very busy these last few months, wife being pregnant. But no longer! Yesterday, she gave birth to a beautiful little girl who we've decided to call Carmella. Happiest day of my life. Anyway, I'm going to teach her piano, and Michelle will teach her to sing. This map was just to announce that it'd finally happened. See you all around.

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I know I'm a bit late (I was on vacation when you posted this), but welcome back, and congrats!

I liked /almost/ everything about this. The only part that bugged me was the tedious jump that lets you out into the open (the jump near the thwump). The rest of it was very fun, despite the cramped area.

3.5/5. As said before, welcome back! :p


Demo Data

Here is a demo

On how to do the bounceblock bit. I then try and showoff. But fail.
Demo Data


I missed you so much ;_; Hope everything's going well at home.

This is a really nice map.
but .. that's pretty irrelevant. main thing is. wow! that's exciting. congratulations :)


sorry to say, but I don't remember you. Probably something about timezones and whatnot. But fantastic map none-the-less!


Musicians shouldn't be presumptuous. Teach her unlike Teraza was taught.

Congrats man



thats so cool
Great map!
Carmella/Carmilla was a seductress who poisoned people.... Dispite that I like the name.. Gratz.... when will you let he make a map?

Oh yeah

I'm going to wait for your map to get off Hot Maps before I submit mine. :]

Though it will probably be ignored like my others. :/

5aved also, may grab a demo in a bit.

i remember you!

congrats :D

Dude, this is sick.

I don't know you, but I hope to see more maps like this. :]

Also, congratulations! My uncle's wife is expecting a little girl, not sure when. She had twins before.

congrats !

I have 2 daughters. You'll see, it's magic ! :)

nice map, but I can't pass the bblocks... demo ?
I'm glad to hear that you were able to experience one of life's many benifits. as for the map, the tiles do a real good job at disorienting the player with their trippy, illusioned setup. The mine-placement is very conscious, or in other words the mines are placed exactly where the player would find the easiest place to jump off of, if that makes sense. There is a nice difficulty curve too, with the area near the end being the most difficult, as the thwump and the narrow opening to enter make it challenging to move about will the rocket is chase you around! A very nice map indeed!! 5/5
Demo Data
That is big news.

reply to your post

Aerosmith > Eminem, he sampled them, not the other way around.

Oh guys

Carmella was named after the beautiful lady in Neighbours, since they share the skin colour.
But I hope she does yes, I can also play the guitar. But Michelle is the piano player. She was playing since about three and she's bloody brilliant. I started guitar at 23 (25 now) and it took me months. I can't read music either. Wifey has to do it for me.

But seriously, I'll try and record her playing. It's all beyond me but at least someone in the house is talented!


is definately the best instrument to learn first, requires a good understanding of musical theory.

On Topic : The rocket room on the right is bad-ass, and I love your general enemy placement, fits perfectly with the tiles.

PS : Agreeing with ganteka, I hate presumptuous musicians.
Great news, I'm sure she will turn out to be a great piano player. I love piano, and I play guitar too.
He knows how to post an image!
You're so cool! You know so much about piano! I wish I could be just like you!
this is the image

I play piano

some tips:
always curve your fingers (my teacher always says that to me!!)
Start with a scale
Don't let her bang the piano
Try teaching her technics (like doing cartwheels on the piano*)

*If you don't know what that means, it's just going C E G G B D D B G G E C
and you crossover your hands
So this person is doing cartwheels on a piano.

That's so sweet!

Nice to hear your doing well!

i remember you

very well. and i ditto magicrocker. glad to hear your marriage is going well. 5/5

<3 Piano

glad to hear your marriage is going well!
I think... you should try your hand at another race or two while you're here!