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Author ultimatereading
Tags author:ultimatereading mini rated
Created 2009-09-18
Last Modified 2009-10-04
by 10 people.
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Description a little map ppl asked me to make more they will come not as often. credit to son_of_osiris for a great tile-set.

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wrong map, i meant for that to be on pipeline.

nice map

could use more objects, but i see that it is intended to be a tileset map for others to complete.
are you sure its possible. You don't need the door-key also

I went near the door switch and died while trying to get it, couple times... Then i realized how can i get it (just stand below it, jump slowly and steer left, got it) then i turned back near the gauss launcher and i'm frozen! It's impossible to pass that tiles!

Please have mercy and edit the tiles left on gauss launcher ^^

But the rest was hard but good.

Hard Map

Nice and small. Almost beat it...


To Playtest, make sure CAPS LOCK IS ON and press P. I f you die and wanna try again press the ~ key and R and then P again.
You don't know how to playtest? O.o That explains a lot...

Well, when you want to play a map, you copy the map data into the map data box, click outside of the box and press "P", right?...
So, when you edited the tiles or objects of a map, you press the "Home"-key to come back to the edit mode as a whole and if you press then "ö" or "~" whatever it is for you, you come back to the debug mode...
The map you just edited should be loaded and you can press "P" to play this edited map. With "ö"/"~" you come back to the debug mode again.

If you want to save your map, copy the map data into a .txt-file.

I hope I explained it well enough^^... If you have other questions, then ask me. :]

... And I'll submit the map soon, watch out for it! ^^

that'd be ok.

yes im

back and im ready for more maps. u may submit the map. did i put thwumps in? dont no how to playtest :/
Nice to see you ^^
... ahm... I didn't submit our collab yet... May I submit it?

For this map: I don't think you playtested this :/... The exit switch is way too hard to get (I got it once with fbf), the squeeze near the end seems to be impossible and the hidden thwumps don't work...
But the beginning was nice :]...


glad to see you made a map! I miss them