Welcome to Smog City

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Author da_guru
Tags author:da_guru chume14 collab industrial playable puzzle rated
Created 2009-11-08
Last Modified 2009-11-08
by 21 people.
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Description Welcome to Smog City. If this is your first visit you must pay attention to survive this deep in the concrete jungle. The city streets are dangerous at this time of day, as the sun begins to set and the busy streets start to empty, it’s unsafe to be out alone in the dark shadows of the tower blocks. Much better take to the sky if you can, though it’s not without its perils. The industrial core of the nation Smog City’s many factories pump out the clouds of pollutants from whence it derives its name. A single breath may not be fatal but I certainly wouldn’t advise it. The more you breathe in the harder your life will become as the pathogens fill your world. If possible I’d avoid the clouds altogether though the tightly packed buildings may make it hard. Get what you need and get out of Smog City as quickly as you can - it’s no place for tourists.

This map is a collab between da_guru [] and chume14 []. The idea is to avoid the traps (smoke) while using the thwumps to collect the nessesary keys. If anyone can beat it without triggering any traps a NTD (no traps demo) we’ll will give them a ded. Enjoy!

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mappa molto accurata 5

Awesome idea

Also, check your PMs


This is just an incredible experience. Few maps I've played have shown such a level of originality, artistic quality, and pure fun. The gold and trapdoor switches do a wondeful job of portraying Smog City as a powerful and sinister place, and the drones complete the feeling of awe and dread sowed within those greyed grounds. Welcome to Smog City is a beautiful work, and shows just how truely talented da_guru and chume14 are, both togther and as individuals. 5eatured
Yeah so, I thought this was cool (I thought my demo was funny by the way, not the map). The whole time I was playing it I never actually felt like I was doing it right, and I think that's because of the difficulty of the map, but I also think that's a good thing in some respects because it keeps the player guessing but I bad thing in others because you never get to feel that snap-in-your-head-"I-got-it!" feeling. Unless that's because I didn't do it right... um, I never looked at chume's demo... But, yeah, the theming here is awesome, especially with the way the smog starts to "choke" you as you play further on. I'm not in love with this map, though. I think because I never felt like I solved it properly it always felt a bit like a nuisance. But I still like it, just wouldn't fave it (unlike that biosphere map of yours which I do have faved ;) ). So I can't remember what your comment said or where it was but I hope I did whatever it was you asked. I think I'll give this a 4.


i'm only posting this demo because I finish with exactly 90 seconds left. Yeah, so, I thought it was funny...
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Ooh, er

I'm not entirely sure. You could try using an image-uploading site, like imageshack []. All you need to do for that is upload the image, resize it if you need to, and it create a url for that image which you can use in your sig.
Hope this helps!
it'll not be kinda out of map ideas
a bit messy but a brilliant idea xD


nice puzzle! my "bad_at_n" refers to my skills, not my mapmaking abilities, though it seems as if you knew that. Nice puzzle here though! =D

Thanks for commenting on my maps. ;D
4/5...very fun but i cant seem to go without takin the triggers


i cant give any feedbacks till the forums are up again
I'm glad cause we put quite a lot of time into it. I did advertise a little too and I'll link to it in my next map which should be out soon. It was good working with you thanks :)

I love this map.

Great work man. Great work. 5/5

way too much lag, but it's a cool concept and it looks amazing

Fudging Hard

and hard fudge is not good.


I saw this map before, chume :P. I played it out, and it's a very interesting concept. So interesting, I might consider using some of the technique here, if it's fine with you.

decent but I think

it was a bit cluttered...4 still...cause I like ya and like I said it is decent


we're falling

Nicely desgined

Pretty well executed, too. It's a bit laggy, and quite hard, but otherwise it's a nice puzzle.
these drones at the outsides are stunning.

Here's a

slow agd
Demo Data


map came out well 5