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Author sidke
Tags author:sidke chillax featured rated zomgz-norockets
Created 2009-12-04
Last Modified 2009-12-04
by 40 people.
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Description You kids need to take a freakin' break from the nets or something. You know who you are, the ones who always nag about this and that about all the shit going on in NUMA and how bad Person X's maps are and how prolific Person Y is and how Person Z should be banned and how stupid Person AA is, how Person AB should be de-adminned HAHA I WONDER WHO PERSON AB IS LOL <3 PAWS-...

This entire site is for a game. A /game/. It's a game, people. Take a break, go outside and get some air you naggers. Unless you're in like... Alaska or Russia or something and it's blizzarding out, then I wouldn't suggest that. Or like... freak-winds. That's also not good. Or tornadoes or sandstorms... Those are also not walk-worthy weathers.

That is all.

This map was featured on 2010-03-17

Chillax, I love you guys, and you all love each other. From Person X right on up to Person AB, you're all (*sniff*) beautiful people.

So let's stare at this balmy little number instead of the MONSTROSITY that was previously on the front page, and hopefully lighten our hearts and whatnot. After all, it's spring break*, the weather's perfect*, and life is good*.

*These may or may not apply. — flagmyidol

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I was thinking of making a map with pyramids with sections missing but then map space became a problem and I gave up. So basically I'm extra pleased about seeing this -I think u done it awesomely


Demo Data

Demo Data

1 out of 5.

Peace out. <3


In response to those asking about becoming reviewers, the only method that you will find works is waiting for an opening, then applying at that time. As no more reviewers are needed at this time, there is no current opening.

Southpaw will make an announcement on the home page when this time comes, I imagine.

That is all.

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i agree the tiles are fantastic, but i think this map holds a lot of potential

the review's supposed to be humorous. Quit being such pricks about it and calm down, it's not terrible.

4 (Very Good)

This map is very good.
I like it.
and even one enemy would ruin the entire purpose of the map.
This could be a really fun map if you fixed the choppy tiles and added some enemies or something.
the quality of the reviews has been going down. The featured maps are great, but the features themselves are getting pretty *bleh*
A nice relaxing map after being frustrated over the time I spent completing episode 78 *exhale*


the way of emailing two reviews still work to become a reviewer?


o' speed for you
Demo Data

this map is like being in the mood for some death metal, but you're forced to listen to accoustic

This map is lovely

So is the message of the description, and the first half of the review. The other half seem like a decent contrapoint to all that, vigorously bickering at other people.

But chillax, guys, it's spring, the sun's shining, music's playing, everything is lovely and I have a school paper due in 3 hrs and 20 mins. I should really get started...

So I'll play this later once I have the time for the chillaxing runs that this one deserves.

Also, Sidke, I know you're too busy atm to be around, but congratulations on the feature anyhow =) hope you have the time to chillax a bit even despite the busy-ness...
it looks fun if only for the ability to aggravate the userbase. *cough* i mean, it looks fun to be able to bring cool maps to the caring attention of the userbase.

seriously though i would like to know

That style is way cool.

pretty meh feature

in my opinion. Although I suppose it did succeed in being a calm and relaxing map to play.


someone needs to feature Sunken Wonder asap ;p
depending on whether you count me as being done with high school as a spring break :p

Spring AND summer break, rolled into one looooong break. Therefore, life is good, and I get that one.

As for the weather? Normally it's 85 degrees down here in Tampa this time of year, but as I type this it's raining and around 60 degrees.

flag is a freaking psychic <3

The map chillax'd me as well. fav'd

is* not get .__.

nammer grazi ftl
however I clandestinely lure the folks with the lovely skunk and the message gets conveyed subtly.

go figure that shit

happy birthday


Life247 has a point. I think maybe some jumpads/bouncblocks/one-ways would have spiced things up, it seems slightly bland. 3/5.


grats on the feature, sidke<3


Hmmm, it's like a burger without cheese or ketchup. I mean sure, there's some meat in it, but where's the flavor? 3.
Demo Data

Glad to hear it.


I like it.

Oh, atob. Oh, you.
Demo Data

You guys

need to come together.


Collecting the gold was fun. Nice mountain fresh air quality.
Demo Data
for the sparseness.

Review is a bit dick, though.
Demo Data
All right, I'll take the 19th, flag. no worries.


This I like