The Frozen World

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Author TheBlackLion
Tags action author:theblacklion fun image-map nreality playable rated
Created 2010-01-07
Last Modified 2010-01-07
by 21 people.
Map Data

Description Hi all, This is my first collab and with Ultimatereading !

The Frozen World

The tileset is made by UltimateReading and i've made the objects and the background/foreground (image-map). Happy winter at N who would escape the frozen world ;)

Style: Action/agd, agd is hard but speedrun is very easy !

Objects:2x Chaingun, 1x Zap Drone, 1x Turret + mines and golds...

Pleaze enjoye and rate or comment !

Again many thanks to Ultimatereading for this beautiful tileset,
The Black Lion.

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Holy shit.

Nice brush-work. :O


a lot better with image

Great image

Great, great, great.

Hey, Belgium

Awesome, I'm from there too, although I'm from the Flanders.

Great map

I like the image and it is fun to play

I love it!

Image maps rock! I only made one but it was the bomb!

Very nice. I have always love image maps. :)


Thanks all for this positive and constructive comments :D
If somebody want i can make an image for his level (if i like the level... :p).
You are flawsome at Nreality image-maps. Yeah, you.
Right now. Flawless. Awesome.
Please keep it up. Yeah, you. Keep it up.
5/5 for the image. Thats right, the image steals the show.


furry didnt mean to be like tht anyway great map


are there lots of maps like this? with the background and everything? its so cool! 4
Demo Data

prett cool image

I'll play more soon., faved for later.

fantastic image work!


5aved for later.


At least they're getting put to good use with that image. :)


@furry_ant: sorry for your trees, the tileset isn't be me :D

But yeah, apart from that, I love the image.

My trees ;______;


Heh Heh

Quite nice. I wish you had applied some modes, like lowering the friction to make it feel more like ice. I didn't like the fee-floating mines or some of the enemy choices. Still, nice work. 4