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Author ultimatereading
Tags author:ultimatereading fun gold mines rated simple
Created 2010-01-26
Last Modified 2010-01-26
by 10 people.
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Description ded to Chrdrenkmann for being a cool mapper and a nice guy. He gives good constructive critism and always finishes of with something nice. anyway this is probably the simplist and quickest map I have ever made but I think its fun its good for speedruns but best for AGD's so lets see them. I do watch your demos it helps me improve kind of. Also this is probably the longest description I've ever posted.

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It's Pretty

Liked the thwump on the right.


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Demo Data
1. The mouth of the left guy is too big and doesn't have a border in comparison to the rest of the face.
2. The heads shouldn't be too roundly.
3. The arm pose of the left guy is too high.
4. The eyes of the right guy more to the left.

I hope this was helpful. ;)

How about "Cinch"




I would die if someone could make a Yang N-Art. <3

sorry you have to

put it behind the second |

Sure. Just give me the pastebin.

What's the favour?

btw thanks for the nick name ^^


with that criterea in a bit

Yeah, sure

They say that

because I used to have a least favorites authors list based off of map quality (I'm not much of a fan of Palemoon's maps). Some used to be on there. Others got angry for not being on there. But Script was nice and made me a Ded which can only be accessed from my profile.

Almost forgot, 5aved.


Nice map! I like how its small but fun! :D
Demo Data
I love your maps too, but I don't really know how to make those tags and stuff on the profile page. And btw, my name is Creature, not Creator :D.

About your map, it's nice and simple. With the appropriate difficulty too.

A ded to you []

We can also use the tiles for a collab
ehm.. sorry.. if i make tiles.. i have to add some objects..

do you like it?

there not to many tiles.. and less objects..
i meant the map i created a hour ago.. :D
cause i don't like it.. and i try to make a tileset for the mappack.. ;)
here is a little compact map.. but i really didn't like it so much..

how do we call the mappack?

and what's with the other collab?

Pretty fun

I liked it.

Demo Data

Cheated AGD

I'm always up for a pastebin collab
Demo Data
i go to bed now.. cause i have to learn for the test now..

good night at all :D
.. i have time enough.. :D


all your comments may make this a collab mappack any takers?



it's a compact little map.. and hella fun.. :D
Demo Data

AGD beat that FBF :P
Demo Data

the picture is a pink floyd album cover
here []

cheated :D

nice map..
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Demo Data


Demo Data


Demo Data