Infected City

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Author ultimatereading
Tags author:ultimatereading city crescor featured fun rated ultimatereading
Created 2010-01-22
Last Modified 2010-01-22
by 28 people.
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Description Collab with the incredile crescor!!! I made the tiles he made the insane objects and gameplay. AGD's would be nce for this map. First map in like a week feels like a lot longer. RCE!!!

This map was featured on 2011-04-12

It’s the year 2012.

Location: New York City

I was lucky. I was one of 60 million people to survive in this world. New York City, which was once my home, turned into a post-apocalyptic nightmare. As I walk through the streets, all I can see is abandoned shops and restaurants. I remember all the times I had in this city, but all of them have faded away.
When I look back at this street, I realized that I was in a Will Smith movie. — 1211

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best bit about having a featured is having everyone debate :L but again thanks to everyone
just thought y'all should now. good day.




I could say the same for your maps too.

dear diary

pretty good map


decent map


everyone I am so pleased I finally got a featured. Thanks 1211!!
I noticed two grammar problems after a quick re-reading.

Wait, what? This is completely medicore and unspecial map. The execution is very sloppy, the gameplay isn't really special at all, the aesthetics are bad on full and it is below all standards of featuring.

The thumb is nice though.



Gratz! Nice review. Your first featured, an i'm sure, not the last.

eh.. it's always such a turnoff when i read reviews with such glaring grammar problems :/


Finally :P

Also a nice review.


you deserv it


faster. I love the tiles, but it feels like, in your description that the tiles were made fully, then the gameplay added in. This isn't usually the best way to do things, and it has left with the gameplay being forced around the outside.
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UR gets a feature

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Sub 2000

eh. Sub 1800 is easily possible.
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Third try AGD

Beautiful tiles, gameplay around gauss, top gold and exit key was very nice. The drop/rise on the left was good as well.

I liked the floorguard den as well. Inner tile tunnels were well done, just not my style. All around solid map.

Review seemed uninspired (review content not map choice).
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Meh 3/5

Realy nice tiles, I'll give you that. But I did not like the gameplay. The mines were annoying and impeded gameplay. The gold was shoddy and the lower gauss miffed me.

I liked the review, though.


we're alllllllllllllllllll gonnnaaa dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

unless you are ironically reading this in the year 2013. *BOWS TO FUTURE MUTANT OVERLORDS*

Nice one!

NIce map, amazing tiles

This map is awesome faved
I want to say befor the day come


AGD. :) I love it.
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I'm up for it, Let's start, here []'s the link to a de listed map so we can talk in private.

Thanks :) your maps are pretty damn cool too.

The best way to learn (the way learned anyway) is to go here []

and by That

I mean the map you wanted me to playtest :P

That's cool

I like the thwumps. They add a big challenge :D


numa_ninja is soo right with that floorchaser XD
Tiles are good, and gameplay isn't that bad either. In my opinion, there was a bit too many mines there. The gold at the top right was pretty frustrating to get, especially with all of those mines. Oh, and when you go back from the exit switch, there's that little bitty mine who sits at the left and generally is a real pain to get past. The gausses were nice, though. They added a little extra to the map that you can't get with only mines. I liked that floorguard too. It was all like 'Noooo, you can't steal my gold!' and was quite cute. :3

This map gave me mixed feelings.
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I like the tiles. Very unique.

Very slow AGD
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Well, first pick a map as I described below, in that thing about how to make one. Then write something about the map that explains what you can find in it, why that it's so special for you, why people should play it. And try to add a dose of humour with that. And write correct sentences:)
And that's not because I was involved in this.

On your last comment, 'how to make a map that can be featured'.
Well, there's not really a guideline to make feature-worthy maps.. Those maps that are featured are mostly the best maps you can find. Just try creating atmosphere, good tiles and some bad-ass gameplay in one map. And even then, it's just based on the reviewers opinion. I'd say it's an extremely good map with a portion of luck.



yes, great tiles

the 5 tiles inside feel a bit out of place (maybe 6 or 7?)

the exit switch room was pretty sweet.