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Author ultimatereading
Tags author:ultimatereading boonie gold mines rated ur zcollab
Created 2010-01-12
Last Modified 2010-01-12
by 12 people.
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Description This is pretty cool very good for AGD's so I would like to see plenty of them!!! ded to boonie a great author who makes amazing races!!!

EDIT:took out the 3rd floorguard cause it was impossible

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thanks a billion for the ded :D
love the feeling of this map and it was very asthetically pleasing... i particularly liked the gold/mine pattern.


Nice map! I did a speedrun.
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I'm on irc practically all the time tho :/

Beautiful map.

5aved, and yes, I wouldn't mind collabing with you. Sorry for taking so long to reply :P Just confirm the details with me on my map.

haha, thanks man :)

It's alright now, was only two maps of mine (:


Wrong floorguard. Put that one back, and remove the one I die on in this demo:
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Remove the third floorguard, it tends to make the map impossible.