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Author ultimatereading
Tags author:ultimatereading miststalker06 rated reading
Created 2010-01-02
Last Modified 2010-01-12
by 16 people.
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Description reading 1 liverpool 1 what a match as a reading supporter I can say simon church is awesome!!!! sorry to all liverpool fans no hard feelings you played well as well and you will will probably beat us at anfield. ded to miststalker06 cause hes awesome

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Except there's too many moneys on the right.


soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo glad you loved it ZTHINGthought this was my best map yet would you like to collab sometime?


This map was too good not to replay :D
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Thanks for the DED and this extremely awesome map! This is an incredible map :D <3 It has all the little twists I like ^^ Thanks again!!! 5/5! :D <3

good thing

to cause its your ded map haha
one who got to finish this level. :o Second try ^^ <3
I found the level to be very annoying at some points.
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Since I see you are pairing names w/ pics on your profile

Believe it or not, this is currently my fave map from you (not counting any of our collabs). I thought everything was well placed and nothing was overdone.

ugh a hidden mine :(

cool map.4

but for someone who hasn't played N in ages(me), this is way too hard.
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the pic of me on your porfile?
the pic ON my profile
or the profilepic
<- there?


@ UR:
Very nice tileset. I've finished the object but i don't think it's very nice :S (i'm not a professionnal). Give me your advice pleaze and then i begin the image ;)


Sorry for big message :/ (and don't forget to add the tileset data :D)
I don't ever remember actually saying I'd be back tommorow, but I was certainly thinking about it. Guess I'm back tommorow.


Hum, yes, it can be nice ;)
Who make the tileset and who make the objects ?
And i make an image for the map ok ?

oh, you have to buy rayman raving rabbids TV party :D
this is unbeleavable fun! and resident evil! and call of duty

i like them :)

but kangaroos are friendly
and nice

nevermind, leave it like that :)

ones more
what games do you have for wii?

the picture on your profile! is that me? nice one

but why am i barbarious? now i'm intrested

what exactly bp want to say down there??

i have a WII too xD
what games are you playing?


Please give me a link to the 'Shadow Kangaroo' on your profile!!! I'm not gonna do anything to it, just so you know. Please!!!



map, although i didn't like the rocket part, still 5aved.

ps. would you like to check up my map?

Haha, okay. Nice result by the way.

Inspired by this [] maybe?
And I'd love to collab. <3
4/5 Still working on that tileset. Do you want to post the collab or shall I?


goal was scrappy I guess a goal is a goal haha anyway fantasic map!!!


goal was scrappy I guess a goal is a goal haha anyway fantasic map!!!

ahh.. soccer fan.. maybe Futbol or football depending on your location :D