there has been an earthquake!!

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Author ultimatereading
Tags author:ultimatereading destructive rated ultimatereading
Created 2009-12-30
Last Modified 2009-12-30
by 15 people.
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Description another collab between me and furry I think this one is good not quite as good as the last but from both of us we would like to give the ded to geckos!!! oh and this is again another mappack map.

Dont give me all the praise for this map furry did a great job of the items and editting the tiles so dont just praise me. thank you from UR

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this map so much

The gameplay in this is really nice. Tiles and objects flawless. 5aved

Best rocket use. Ever.
If you write a review (CreatureFeature) for one of my maps, I want it to be because the map is exemplary and worthy of a feature. I don't want to influence the your opinion or have a map of mine featured just because we're friends.

If there is something in my archive you really want to have reviewed, by all means go ahead and write a review, but do it because of the map, not because of me.
I wanted to be used for my picture...
welcome, my friend :D <3
forgot who they were you can check.


But there will only be one round. I'm gonna compile all of the maps into one giant Map Pack.

DED for you:

The Death of General Wolfe [] :D <3
Thanks for your awesome maps :D <3

any of them

as long as its okay w/ you. You can join too :D

sorry for spamming

but I mean like retiling XD

oh also

I'm making another contest. Are you okay if people use your maps?

check out

map 190001!!!

it's from the album The Eraser by Thom Yorke, but if you got to my recent 3 maps (not the tree one) right click on the picture in the description then go to properties. Highlight the address url & use that, thanks :D

lol! I'm under: INSANITY :D

haha, thanks. happy new years to you too ;]

First of all...

I would like my name to be "miststalker06" - as it is...
Then I would like this pic,

Second of all, this map is made of pure awesomeness :D <3 5/5 for everything ^^ And dude, that rocket is sick!

here ya go bro

asdf []
the tiles anyways...and No Idea for my pic...I will give you a link after a bit...
and I lost the pastebin with the collab...


Graet map

credit where credit is due, mappers!

But nevermind, it's cool.

Thanks, but that's not the point .____.

In our other collsb, UR did a lot of the work but he is getting praise for loads of stuff he didn't do in this one.


your maps are good don't listen to them.

"your objects aren't quite as messy as they used to be" - MCKY

"you have gotten way better a mapper since i first met you ultimate. you improved a lot since you started here on numa =]" - iban

*quotes people*

*points at my comment*


*end rant*

very nice

aesthetics are great

maybe you, are haha

only time will tell.

this is fun, nice work the both of you ;]
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your objects aren't quite as messy as they used to be.
This is great. 5aved.



lol, what mcky is thinking, this looks great

Why not?



this... this is ultimatereading?

Daaang you've got better!