Money on trees grow up???

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Author ultimatereading
Tags author:ultimatereading ded destructive gold mines rated
Created 2009-12-18
Last Modified 2009-12-18
by 12 people.
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Description This is the 4th map in my mappack destructive I think its a great mappack so far I was hoping for a collab for the 5th so if anyone wants to collab for the 5th let me no ;) RCE!! ded to Im_bad_at_N cause hes awesome!

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very nice map !!!

Thats not guessing


im getting an ipod nano & Legend of Zelda:Spirit tracks!

its the best stuff i could get =D


I know everything Im getting for christmas. Woah, that sounds like im bad. =/

but yeah, I only asked for two things in specific and was there when my dad bought them both. that makes this a holly jolly christmas =]

by the way, guess what Im writing right now? (hint, its not school related or something you wouldnt know.) ;D


I looked at your profile, and saw the 'collabs' section. It seems you've forgotten this [] one, remember? :P
but I cant collab until after Christmas break, won't be around then

finished your ded

on my profile
I'm up for a collab anytime (provided you do the tileset). Give me a shout if you so wish


t'is a fun map to play.

and yes, I can draw that. i'll start with it.




show me the map
its easier for me to make.

umm dude

I can't make samus in tilesets. can you give me another thing to make?


(from my map, 'Gold')
On Nreality, there is a 'zoom in' option. Just go into editor, and right-click. A panel will come up an a 'zoom in' option should be there. It always is for me. Then once you are zoomed in, righ-clicking again will either let you zoom in more, go back to the origional size (100%) go to full veiw (only works in fullscreen), and to zoom out.

Here's a map [] that I used heaps of the 'zoom in' option in for z-snap to create different 'objects', like golden plates, and a swimming pool!

We Must Collab

And That Map Must Be An Nreality Map
the gameplay is a bit eh.

I love the three tile pieces up top
And you should of payed for me to be members!!!! Lol


whaddaya want the pic to be? Can't be samus tho since I can't tile samus XD
This demo is a AGDBTGATED (All gold but the gold at the end demo) I didn't really like the rocket much, but I am biased because it killed me. :P
Demo Data

First off

wow awesome tiles. Second, yeah send me the map, and obviously I will give you credits. I am going to go play this map now.


Would love to. I guess I would say that the nooks are a bit difficult to maneuver.
for the sake of good looks...still need [] tuned because it isn't great. Some parts are bad gameplay wise...


jk, ofcoarse you can join the collab

thnks for the ded

^^ im busy making my 200th map.. but i need to make the rest first & my anniversary is coming and ... yeah im really busy making maps to post really =P

I don't know man

I want it to be a huge collab, between Jawbit, ZTHING, and I. At least those people. Those are the two who are my closest friends on this site.

sent you a pm

in it when I said "with the gauss right there" I meant "With the laser right there"


i put a few of my good maps down check profile now ;)


woo thanks

what do you think of it? I like yours and have read it ;)


I, for one, like reading people's profiles
then I'll revisit some of your best and see what's good
isn't that what you asked me to do?

no idea


cant see that data

my computer's not here yet, remember?
inconsistent gold patterns

the gold touching the exit (nitpicky!)

the random enemies

everything else works great.

pm'd ya