Over the Hill

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Author ultimatereading
Tags author:ultimatereading ded destructive idol rated shadow93kangaroo
Created 2009-12-17
Last Modified 2009-12-18
by 18 people.
Map Data

Description Once again another furry_ant style map he's my idol ;) ded to shadow93kangaroo great nreality mod user. If anyway one has any problem with the fact its too similar just tell me.

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Im good

its winter break & feelin' the holodays now =D

how r u feelin?

about the snipers, I played your map & thought it was rather good. neat gold placement and tiles. 4
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work on it 'marrow.


had used the tiles and was about to submit when I hit **** "j".

I didnt like it.

It was smooth gameplay. It was kinda sloppy. Sorry 2/5


darn you and your good mappingness :P Now my map has been bumped down 4 maps!

ok speedrun.

messed up a little bit at the end.
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very nice map. as mentioned b4 the bottom right is impossible, but very good. great gameplay, and decent tiles.

gold looks nice and mines too

apgd (all possible gold agd) :D
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i dont like those mines on the oneways like that, but everything else is nice :)

id love to demo it

but my new computer isnt set up yet

fun map


He's my bestie.



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:) 4/5. Not all gold can be collected.
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Aww thanks, but yeah, don't worry - I'm male. ;D

very nice

but the gold inside the doors is unneccesary


everyone like furry

i like it :)

5aved for later

my pc is lagging.. >.<

.. agd will be hard to get..


my first ded xD thanks dude

in our collab i don't like the fact, that the right switch has to be gotten first... if not, the door in unreachable



do you like it?

it's fine.