Nightmare: Darkness

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Author Technochocolate
Tags action author:technochocolate dreams playable surreal unrated
Created 2010-01-30
Last Modified 2010-01-30
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Description #3 of Dreams [] (0-2)

In all my years of mapping, I've never been more unsure about a map, yet I somehow like it very much.

The best way to describe this map is: the gameplay is surreal and unnatural. It's not so much difficult as it is different. If, at first, it seems too hard, try something different. Maybe take a different route. Maybe hesitate a little before jumping into another section. Just think differently. It took effort, but that's how I made this map.

The tileset reminds me of creatures as they are just coming out of the shadows and are still scary-lookin' (because things look so much scarier in the shadows).

Demo upon request

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fabulous dude

great job. I feel you nailed what you were aiming for with the surrealness of the map. =)