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Author ultimatereading
Tags author:ultimatereading gold lost rated rockets
Created 2010-02-21
Last Modified 2010-02-21
by 12 people.
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Description This was meant to be based on one of nevershine's map forunately it went pair shaped and ended up with this. I used less objects and I think it is very affective. I no I say it all the time but i think this is one of my best maps yet. RCE!!! Me bloodymoonlike and ZTHING have started making a collab mappack it should have been out ages ago until I realised how close to 100 maps I was. Only a few more maps till my 100th planning a nice big collab for it instead of single handedly not sure yet. ded to Furry who recently faved his 10,000th woo!!! Also a ded to apse a great author and i think I owed him this for a while enjoy!!

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Fun Map!

The rockets were well placed! 5/5! :D

AGD (Note: I crash the missiles at the end just for effect!):
Demo Data
The gauss is inefficient. Remove it and try a chaingun drone in the middle or somewhere. The map is relatively open and a chaingun drone would be effective.


I'll have to do it later because I have to go now though...

dont worry too much

its all good ultimate =D


nice demo mistalker... but it can still be improved a bit i think ;D


Sub900!! :D
Demo Data
but I understand you are building a collab pack and I wouldn't have anything against collabing with you for that one (or just one of your NUMA maps) - We'll look at it later, I have to leave my comp in like half an hour so it'll be some other time.

And don't worry, 200 will be special :)

You're welcome.

Ultimate... will you give me a DED, if I get a sub900 AGD? I have been playing your map for like half an hour now, trying to get it! :o

Sure thing....

I don't know when I'll have the time to make it, though.

I feel like I should make it something special :D
I voted 5 :)
if I get a sub900 demo? 'Cause I think that's barely impossible, but still just possible :)


I think it can be done much faster... oh, wait... it can ! :D Like the others rated...
Demo Data


but still kinda slow...

Niiiice map ;D it's really great.

though i have some criticism.
the first rocket didn't do so much and those oneways where just anoying.

But anyway good job and you deserve a 5 ;D
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You will be...

problem is that my short-term memory is very bad. So when I think of someone to put on my list, I go through the map lists for like 4 pages and see if there are anyone I like. You are one of them, but I didn't see a map from you :) I'll put you on now :)


demo diamond

What I said...

Around 200 frames faster AGD.
Demo Data


Can be done much faster, but I quite like the last part.

Demo Data


map nice gold and rockets.


I thought of the coldplay song. but whatever


whatever you want.
nice song as well :)


i'd be happy to do a collab. just pm me on the forums or here when you're ready.


cool. well thank you for the ded :)

it's decent

it's just that thousands of these simple, highscoring maps get churned out, so i never find them particularly exciting.

nice fun map

good use of rockets