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Author ultimatereading
Tags author:ultimatereading easy fun gold jump mines rated
Created 2010-02-07
Last Modified 2010-02-07
by 11 people.
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Description this is a really simple jump map I really enjoy playing it. This is a ded to Bloodymoonlike and ZTHING we have made a mappack and th e maps will be released very soon look out for it.

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Nice Jump Map!

Simple, but fun! 5/5! :D

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Lovely little map!

I like simplicity :) If you wanted to make it harder, you could add a few mines [] or even a drone [].

4/5 :)
when you play a map in userlevels your time is at the top and the frames are right under the time. also the first numbers in a demo code is the frame count of that demo. ex, 203:1789273|928398374...... the 203 is the frame count. was that what you were asking?

do you want to playtest 2 maps of da_guru and me?
There were 135-frame demos on nreality even before BML commented :P
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Faster AGD.

as well :p
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Demo Data

speed. slower....

fun 4/5
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first try

not bad at all - 3.5^/5
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speed 4/5
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thx for ded dude :D

oh man.. this is a compact map with a huge fun factor :D
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i'll give you a 5
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that was fun :)
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