My Heart Hurts

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Author ultimatereading
Tags author:ultimatereading first heart hurts n-art rated
Created 2010-02-05
Last Modified 2010-02-05
by 22 people.
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Description WOW IT'S MY FIRST N-ART!!!! special thanks to Chrdrenkmann who helped me out with tips on how to improve. This took me like 2 hours to perfect I know its not perfect but its a start. Here it the picture of what this meant to be.

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Sweet man!

I look forward to some more art in the future.
I think you should work a bit on some of the details; the lips in particular stand out. Still, nice, especially for a first N-Art. 4 :)

asami is right...
left one is not that good

looking foreward to the 2.


The right thing is pretty good, but the left thing's arm is transparent and the lips are blocked off =\, it still is pretty good =P I don't think I'll be able to make a N-art -.-

haha yeah

yes it is, considering that even the best are 4/5 at most. some people don't like n-arts, so their rarely 5/5. a 3/5 shows that is far better than the awful ones.

& remember a 3/5 is above average ;D

yeah I saw!

sorry for not commenting when it came out. I think that with work, you could become better at this ;D

cute man

I'm good. How are you?
unless you want its arm to be transparent. In fact, according to the picture you shouldn't have lines blocking off the lips, either.
might hurt a bit, me getting to it and all



Come on.

First attempt bonus. :P

Er, 4? 4? 4!?!

I gave it a 4.

Pretty good for a first.
I don't think that I will make one in the future. XD



Hmm, interesting

Not bad for a first I guess


for a first

man this is

sooo cool I actually made an n-art this could be the first of many