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Author ultimatereading
Tags 100th author:ultimatereading best deds ever playtested rated
Created 2010-03-03
Last Modified 2010-03-12
by 25 people.
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Description this is my 100TH MAP ON NUMA WOO!!!!!! Im in a bit of a rush well not really Im on facebook and cant be asked to do links to peoples names but I will do thanks. playtested by Mahi_Mahi

Best Friends: -Im_bad_at_N

If I missed anyone please tell me.

I may leave NUMA for a bit well atleast stop subbing maps for a bit then I will be back.


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Good map.
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I have a few playables. I would like to see what you think about "Depressed Drone World," "Level With A Hammer Tileset," and "Twumpatopia."
It looked a little basic to me, so I'm glad that it was proper. But please, if there's anything else you'd like me to do, just tell me.
When I posted it, I wasn't quite pleased with it though. If you would like, I shall attempt again.
The bounce block thing got me stuck for a little, but I quickly figured out the mechanics of it. Good job! It was fun and challenging, yet not ridiculously hard.

Happy 100th!

Sorry I missed this. Would you like a celebratory N Art?

Cool cool

nice to hear back from ya. Play some of the maps I subbed while you were away and drop a comment on one fo them if you need help with anything or want to collab.

And stick around so Chrdenkmann doesn't get left alone in that collab competition... :)

thanks my man

hey, make a new map, will ya?
very fun map
5/5! :D

Congrats on your 100th map! :D

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Hey man

Long time since you subbed a map (or played one of mine -_-) - throw a comment when you're back around and perhaps we can make a collab to get you back and rolling?
One of my sexiest maps EVAR! :D

My idea was...


C(h)rusader + reading.
I hope it's ok. D:


Which team name would you choose for PoT?

I've read it.

Ok. ;D
Of course I do :D


My title would be 101-3: Project X (tileset).
Is that ok? XD


Actually, I gave you a tileset. XDDD
Look at the comments below.


Would you like to do the tiles or the objects?
BTW: 101-2 could need a rating. :>


Where are you!?
I've made the collab with rozer now which was planned to be 101-2. I hope you're ready soon to be online and send me your map version. :/

sad i missed this



gratz on 100 but you missed me out.
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I've put in objects too - they are POSSIBLE ideas. You can do with the objects what you want. ;D

Slow AGD

Happy 100th. Really clean, simple map. Keep mapping!
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also I won't

be on for a while. Doing homework at the moment...


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missed me



lookin forward to many more in the future

G1ad I d1dn`t Mi5s It!!1!one!


You've really developed as a mapper in your time here, I can't wait to see the future creations of THE ULTIMATE READER!


This is the second archive on my list to play through.

huh. why the hell did I replace 'a' with 'ee'?

the world will never know.

looks like ee mahi mahi rip off, man.



Hey Hi remember

me...damn short memory, and everyone whom I thought was my friend seems to leave me oh well fuck my life.

Why leave

when you can take the advice you recieve on this map and start making even more awesomer maps?

As for the map itself:
Its quite good, and seems to fit well together. It is a little bit plain, as blackson mentioned, but it has a nice 'highscorer' feel to it.

Not quite sure what happened with the collab, but it doesn't really bother me, since it turned out pretty well.

it would be nice to have a mention though :)

wow 100 maps!

that's a lot! keep it up and you might have a lot more someday :D