As it Stands

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Author ultimatereading
Tags 99 author:ultimatereading furry last rated stand style
Created 2010-02-21
Last Modified 2010-02-21
by 17 people.
Map Data

Description this is believe it or not my favourite out of my maps I used furry's style using little objects and I think it turned out great!! RCE!!! ded to miststaker who did a sub900 on my last map!!!

Map number:99

Special thankts to: chrdrenkmann and Mahi_Mahi who helped me improve this map.

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Did you RCE'd my complete 100th episode yet? ;D


The collab episode started and 101-1 should be our collab. Would you like to do the tileset or the objects?

submit it!!


Hey. How's your 100th coming? Btw, made another map for the pack: []


and btw, you seem to be one of the best mappers on NUMa


Sunset and I collab'ed this:

Throw a comment when you're online :)


Hey man...

I'd like your opinion on my latest -

good job

looked like good ol' classic mahi.

personally i'd take out the gold in the curves (kinda looks ugly) and put a chaingun, rocket, etc. in the middle. that would be epic.

just send me over some data when your ready (and tell me what to do!)


wats goin on here?


How's 100th coming along? Need some help?

Also, please check out this map and tell me what you think:

Thanks mate :)




Episode 100 turned out really well. The maps are simple and really fun. Some of them are furry_antesque. XD


heres the real one:

heres the tileset

plus a few objects: []


Very nice!


The collab partner for 99-3 will be...


I've made my first collab with him and it wasn't so good because I was really bad at making maps. I've picked him because I want to make a new explosive collab with him.

For the other candidates: I'm making a special collab episode. I've got 6 collab requests... the other five are perfect for an episode. The special episode will be 101 because 100 is finished already.

101-0: andreas_xx
101-1: ultimatereading
101-2: rozer
101-3: Bl3wolf
101-4: BloodyMoonLike

I will write a comment for your last map when I want to start the collab map with you. ;D

BTW: All the candidates got the same comment.
but I'm really busy with school and I can't really make tiles at the moment. I'll be back to mapping tomorrow though, so I'll start then.

Kinda like MoA

Guaranteed comments and rates xD
I liked it a lot. I added an optional sector.

Are you sure that it's impossible to reach the exit switch through the mines? They're a little far apart...

Other than that it's really a great map :)
Could you put it in a comment on one of my older maps, though? Wouldn't want to clog up my 200th with chat :P

Thanks :D
How is your 100th coming along? Are you collabing with him to make it?
How aboot your 100th?

hehe.. thanks.. xD

i haven't any ideas.. what the maps should look like..
i always made the first part of the map.. and then i closed N.. >.<
and how are you? :) and what's with our collab mappack?
And maybe the chaingun could've been stationary, but what I liked best was the running forth and back.. The tiles made a great terrain, and last but not least; Sure I remember you :D
Demo Data

Nice Map!

This map shows that one drone can be a challenge! 5/5! :D

Demo Data

The collab map.

I decided to add three oneways beneath the tiles next to the first rocket, due to the fact that the other path is rather hard to get. You should have the option to choose an easier path. The demo below is for the hard path :) I really like this. :)
Demo Data


For your map that "looks like mine". It's very nice, although somehow I feel as if it's a bit awkward to play at times. 4/5 :)
Demo Data
I just finished homework; and its 4:40pm now, thats the average time ill be on.

Stupid homework D:<

Make one more...

Hard at the start.5aved for your 99th map because the chaingun drone make it harder in empty field!!! (^_^")

oh sweet...

sure I would!!! but after school, i gotta go now. If you want somewhere to play out all of the hard and long confuguring, your welcome to come right here. []

Map 100 is next...

I hope its to the best of your effort!! If ive learnt anything, its to take your time on your 100th, it celebrates the fact that youve made a century of maps here!! :D

and if you do take time, it might not end up like mine... []

Anyways, Go for it!! Have fun making it!!!
:D <3 <3 And btw, I don't mind - sure Furry doesn't either ;)
As usual... the fastest AGD :)
Demo Data