John, Henry, and the Engines

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Author Arctic_Pony
Tags author:arctic_pony featured floorguards playable rated
Created 2010-03-23
Last Modified 2010-03-23
by 52 people.
Map Data

Description i love working with this concept, have fun :)

This map was featured on 2011-02-14

It was something he had never seen in his lifetime.

The icy river below the snow-capped mountains and snow laden trees churned down the evanescent river like a flow of time. Years, months, weeks and days passed for the winter wilderness... Until, one day on the river; a seed, flows into the frozen river bed to sleep next to the cold shore. This was no ordinary seed. It grows... Untainted by the wilderness into a spectacular golden flower that could outshine the Northern Lights! It bewildered the wilderness and transformed the icy ground below it until...

A pony ate it.

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Almost perfect.

But I dislike the way you are dropped into the last pit.

Really cool, AP



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A dronie!

This map deserves it.

once again thank you everyone for playing and commenting, glad to get that second feature! makes the first one seem less fluky :P

@atob: i was wondering about your disappearing comment, and i think most people with any common sense will agree with you. if someone cant take criticism well, then this isnt the site for them.
but that semi-colon still sticks out like a wart on an otherwise pretty girl's face.

Criticism of yous guys' literacy skills /should/ be valid, seeing as you're all chosen on the strength of that shit.

IE: Don't use a semi-colon if you don't know how.


for fastest
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haha this is great!
It was meant to be the Ice below the snow-capped mountains... etc etc. Silly mistake ><

rhekatou, may i ask where youve seen this done before?
meh, don't like this kind

but 4d for good gameplay

I'd hate to be "that guy," but wouldn't everyone?

Very cool, Pony

Congratz. And Tunco's comment is amazing.


Great concept backed up by a solid execution.

Also, I hate to be "that guy", but you wrote "The icy river...churned down the evanescent river..."
like an omelet, you see it but its so deep man, I'm going to cry now, literally
Gratz, Arpo.
wery nice map flawless

This is great.

Nice choice.


one of the best maps, i have ever seen!!


innovative, difficult.
So why didn't I rate and fave? 4.5aved
I voted for this map.



<3 superstardomX_, thanks man :)

Evil_Bob, it may not seem apparent because our maps are nothing alike, but your maps have been a huge influence on me, youre one of my all time faves. your kind words mean alot to me, thanks for playing :)

thanks everyone for commenting and playing, today is a good day :D
Guess it's just that awesome :D

That last jump

Is amazing. Only could manage it once. Nice map.
cool map. having trouble with third row, will come back to it.

It was a Numacon

map nomination... that is why I have played it before.
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I feel like this was featured before....

Ah! My very favorite a_p map. :D


thats pretty genius. i've never seen that before.

5/5 for originality
But the concept was brilliant. I may one day use this. I'm very much inspired.

It's execution could have been a bit better, though. Especially the lowest level.

Artic Pony

You're the king of the orignial concept map, do you know ? ^^

faster :]
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Awesome concept

I've never seen floorguards used quite like that.
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