The Underdog

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Author killerman
Tags author:killerman dda rated
Created 2005-12-07
Last Modified 2005-12-07
by 15 people.
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Description resubmitted. I made a few adjustments to the ending and i do understand its short and uses a few edited launchpads but i made it ages ago.

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:P this is copying da "the rocket got to finish too" idea i thunk


actually...some DDAs aren't based on action where ninjaman goes flying around the screen. Some are based on technical stuff and i guess i tried to make close calls but without a lot of gold wouldn't be really possible unless it was launchpad heavy. I think this DDA is based mainly around technical stuff and close calls the the rocket and not ninjaman (theres still a few close calls) and also borders around action.


kradda u got there, wouldnt hurt to see more action but hey, EVERYTHING needs more action (once again i AM going insane)


good but make it a little less jurky

I liked it.

That was pretty awesome. There were a bunch of close calls with the rocket. What does KRADDA stand for? Sorry I'm kinda new, I know it's with a it Keep Rocket and Don't Do Anything? Anyway, 4.5/5




best kradda i ever seen 5/5


well...if my maths is correct, this was a 5/5 before then it mysteriously dropped to a 4/5...some other person rated this a zero withough commenting...but i dont care anymore, stuff votes. Thanks for the comments everyone!


what doghouse said

what the

someone rated this a five without commenting...


i edited it to make the rocket stay alive to the end


those two horizontal launch pads weren't there when I played it.
Yeah, its good.


worked perfectly fine. IT WAS PERFECT!!!it hasd hardly any gold delay witch is rare for a krad and i though it was pretty long for a krad while maintaining close calls to the rockest and n!


it worked perfectly fine for me though


starnge...ill check it.

Its great but

I died before I finished, right at the end.