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Author RadiumFalcon
Tags author:radiumfalcon featured moa-reject rated return
Created 2011-02-15
Last Modified 2011-02-15
by 19 people.
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Description oh hai, NUMA. i thought i'd pop in for V-day. first map submitted in about six months. whew.


i'm not dead, i'm working on a pack. also, The-Riot is coming back :D



This map was featured on 2013-02-19

We all know RadiumFalcon from his large maps. His spectacles. His collabs with mahi_mahi. This is an example of something I've never known him to do; the minimalistic side.

The coverage of the chaingun is fantastic and the gold is tougher than you'd expect to collect. You'll be flinging yourself between bullets and mines trying to get from one wall to the next...

It's most certainly a thrill, I just wish it lasted longer. — ChrisE

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5 from me
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pallindrome frame

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never would've guessed this guy would get a feature. thanks for the feedback fellas!

and if you want to see real radium minimalism, go hit up 042 and 043 of my pack!

</shameless plug>

Good map

I feel like it wasn't that effective at minimalism because it felt a little unfinished, but what's there is pretty solid.

Okay, that made no

sense. So I made a sub600 AGD instead.
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Faster AGD,

but horse has faster.
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btw do you /really/ think I am fbf?
btw do you /really/ think I am fbf?
btw do you /really/ think I am fbf?
btw do you /really/ think I am fbf?

my agd

easier than I thought
but really fun indeed
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Okay map

But I've been busy lately. My younger brother is about to be confirmed and I'm currently on the lookout for a new piano+amp. So that's been keeping me busy, too.

But yes - I'd love to do a collab, I'm absolutely in love with your mapping style.


Totally loved the ending.
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this is totally the name of a new song by abr
you must be psychic
i want a new map


you got sc2, too! :) too bad we're on different servers. shortshift and I tried to play against each other with hamachi once but it didn't really work out :|

cool, btw do you /really/ think I am fbf?

I missed you man, you should sub another map <3

nevertheless bring back your old avatar :3
living in the bible belt, as an open atheist? That shit sucks. Most people are afraid to tell their parents they're dating an atheist so they don't bother. Also, there's a really weird pool of people. The uptight religious ones, or the kids who just have sex all the time. Blackson is alone in the middle :O

I still go out and shit (most weekends at least one night is spent at a waffle house until 1/2 AM because that's the only thing to do around here. Which honestly, it's pretty fun), just dating around here is weird.

I may be interested

but you'll have to wait until the mood takes me. Just started full time employment and I'm constantly exhausted.


You should be hittin' that chick in your profile picture.

Regards, some random kid on the internet

Damn that A_P

Beating my AGD and managing to survive...

thanks radium, thats nice of you to say :D

and heres a fast AGD :)
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radiums average rce: 'bad'
so tired of that

Hi there,

I didn't have any problems with the chaingun; it seemed to work just fine.

Nasty taste of RD map. Messyishy.


I sort of agree with 179; The chaingun was too overbearing.

Pretty standard map from you.

Here's hoping for more.
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I like it

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anyway glad to hear riot is being started up and tbh I didn't think the tileset worked great with the chaingun here.

Unfrustrating AGD

Exit and gold were fine for me. Played well, but was a bit empty. Managed a good legit AGD tho... :)

Glad to see you're still alive
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another agdd

really liked how you could essentially play any part of the map first. good chaingun. but did you have to put the door in such a weird place?
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agd death
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frustrating AGD

i don't like the gold placement at all. i had to get very lucky on those last two pieces. i also dont know what you were thinking on the exit door placement. tiles are nice.
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agd fail

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woke the beast

woke the beast
also the map is cool.