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Author da_guru
Tags 01 author:da_guru blurredblue drought playable rated wither
Created 2011-09-01
Last Modified 2011-09-01
by 5 people.
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Description From Blurred Blue []. Check it out, there are prizes to be won!

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Are you doing photography?
Because your maps often looks like modern artistic pictures.
Anyways it's a 5 for me.

Hey man

have a look at the topic of the Nreality Team Arena, we are now 10 players and 2 judges. If you could make a last advertising map (or just put the link of the topic) it would be really nice! Then I think the contest should begin ;)

Pretty good

Not the best of the ones I've played so far, but, as always, it has great tiles, and the enemies are well placed and chosen.
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All golded

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Classic da_guru

great tiles minimalist objects loads of gold reminds me of your old mappack
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