34-2: l_f as lol_fun

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Author zoasBE
Tags additionalchallenge author:zoasbe collab rated uap
Created 2011-09-24
Last Modified 2011-09-24
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description Map 173

l_f as laissez_faire. The other version of the collab with him.


AGD'ing the level with an impressive trick this surprised me.

Complete the level with the fastest AGD.

Re-tile the map. Don't touch the objects.

Interior Designer
Re-object the map. Don't touch the tiles.

The people to complete "Copperfield" receives a 5 RCE's.
The person to complete "Runner" receives a dedication.
The people to complete "Architect" receives a 15 RCE's.
The people to complete "Interior Designer" receives a 15 RCE's.

-- UAP --

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Wrong Demo

HereĀ“s the right one:
Demo Data


Now, I have achieved "Runnes", right?
Demo Data


I found this very fun and quite puzzlish!
Do I get the Copperfield? ;)
And also could you just tell me when you'll send me the map rating for NTA please.
Demo Data

Thank you. :)

Hopefully you can continue soon this time.
I'm not impatient, though.

Wait has

"Architect" and "Interior Designer" already been done?
The 48 hours are over for a long, long, looong time.

I'm just mapping for NUMA now.
It's much more fun, much less time consuming, and hopefully will keep me in the community.
I liked the multi-route functionality in it. The map makes the player choose for highscore or speedrun to go at the start.
Demo Data


still not very good .. but faster at least.
Demo Data

oh sorry!

Here's the AGD. I think you can see the lag quite clearly, I'll try for a better run sometime soon.
Demo Data


Demo Data

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what does RCE

Awaiting a response. :p

here? where, temp???


My computer is really laggy right now, but here's a significantly faster AGD.


Retile. But I won't submit - the objects aren't exactly my style. Nor are the tiles for that matter. :P


I see what you did there.
Demo Data
I mean, it was enough trick, have completed the map with a decent AGD less than 4.5 minutes...
now better!!! I love you, you're a crack!
but the challenge still open...

Faster AGD.

With trick. :p
Demo Data


Demo Data

now!!!, 1211