Room and Board

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Author Lightning55
Tags author:lightning55 playable puzzle rated
Created 2011-11-04
Last Modified 2011-11-04
by 5 people.
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Description God, I make failing puzzle maps.

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But addicting.


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Pretty nice puzzle.

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For the record,

I don't think 4-tiles would work very well due to the huge number of 5-tiles in this map. It'd look very messy unless the doors are re-arranged, which then again shouldn't be hard to do.

Agreed with Life,

the puzzle itself is alright, not too fancy but takes a bit of time to think about. I feel like the cosmetics could be improved quite a bit, though. Maybe its just me, but a lot of those doors (especially the two 90-degree angled pairs) look quite jarring to me, and as a consequence it detracts from the locked door/normal door theme. I did a quick re-tile here:, perhaps it might be more to your fancy, maybe not. 3/5
It's just not that stylized. Use more 4-tiles.
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