Stem Cells

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Author kyozo_43
Tags author:kyozo_43 binding gold isaac puzzle unrated zap
Created 2012-06-19
Last Modified 2012-06-19
Rating 3 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description I have been playing too much The Binding of Isaac [].
Base Tileset [] made by Yasmaster []

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And you

tell me you're not a good mapper. Drone spam. Love the concept, 4.4525/10 ^ :P



I think I have the final version. At the end you have won. With swicth (and bounce :P) And I think that is the perfect place to put the switch, because if you do not want to take, keep the original idea from the start. Hope you like.
Simply choose a title and publish it. Put a phrase that says something like, without getting the switch to the bravest pros.
Really glad to collab with you!!

Now we have a really great map!!!
I think this is really sweet and perfect like this. I must say that I think is one of the best e-tile maps I've made in a long. I'm really proud with it!
I changed a bit your start, it's basically the same now, but easier to do (deleted the bounce because I did not get many times the double jump and the necessary propulsion to reach the switch and changed for a launchpad, i think is easier and better, because the map is then challenging enough to have a beginning so frustrating.) Look and see what I say. I think the fall become very good and relatively complicated, and then at the map there are some cool jumps and actions.
Also, I have attached a demo only for how reach the exit without dying by the laser.

Hope you like it, and if you like, choose a title, and upload it to NUMA as it is now.
Nice to collab with you, you have inspired me. I love this map. also tell me what you think.

hey kyozo!

I have something here. I would create with you a map with interesting mechanics. Of course you can change anything you want, or completely remodel, but please, no spam of objects, or an overly complicated map. I wait anxious your next step, I know you're good and capable.. ;)

About this map, loved the concept, pacman-ish with a touch of puzle, but fuck, here there are tons of gold, and 20 drones! 20!! too many drones man, the map lags a bit (at least for me and playing on Ned) and this makes it uncomfortable to play, since it has both the puzzle and you have to think fast or memorize. I'll give it a 4.
Try to make more fluid or nice maps to play, not so desperate, can be complicated but not necessarily so frustrating (think you play underclock) and not all play like this.
Or only with 29403?