The Mind

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Author Brttrx
Tags action author:brttrx playable sunset therecollection unrated
Created 2012-06-26
Last Modified 2012-06-26
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Description Life is worth exploring, every chance you get. It's a little bit harder to live that way, but once it's said and done, you never have a regret about doing it. Go out on adventures, be active, meet people, and be kind to everyone. It doesn't have to start now, but make plans for it. I swear this is the key to happiness.

Sunset gave me some tiles, I chopped and screwed them, added some objects, and here I am- submitting it.

Map 7.

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putting this here for future use

im in


i'm on IRC right now!!!

Yeah I stopped

making these for you guys a while ago.

I didn't like it

It felt meh :/
rocket section was pro though

have a stylin' agd
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overused cncept.

never was good at this game
Demo Data
And the gameplay worked well too; not quite what I had in mind, but it is exceptionally great. Loved the middle section of the map with the 1-tile jumping. I might try to experiment with that sometime.


everyone. I'm back to frequent mapping. Feels great to be back, can't wait to see you all again and play your works.

Jump on IRC sometime and say hi to me.