Red #40

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Author Brttrx
Tags author:brttrx tileset unrated
Created 2012-07-08
Last Modified 2012-07-08
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Description Cooking.

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Had atob

in mind while making these.

oh, I forgot,, that's a really cool tiles!!! 5
If it is true that I am a romantic and sensitive man, but before I say anything, I will make clear that I like delicious, round and big ass of Colombian women. Having said that, I mean, you've just written the most beautiful words I have never read to me on NUMA. Thank you very much and my utmost respect to you.

If, in fact, I still active, I'm compiling a package, which is already done and edited and arranged by golfkid, 63 maps in late 2011. Also in NUMA, I'm in the middle of my VODKALOVER [] project, that's consist in a first session of 100 maps as the first tasting, and running up with insatiable [] too. In regards to my map regularly, I have the great majority of the maps of my next column, also a project called 'Project Bean', but I'm waiting a bit, I do not want saturate NUMA.

I really grateful heart your words.

or facebook

whichever i guess


i'll get on irc


you =)

nice tiles

i like the sides.

an edit

means give credit