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Author Brttrx
Tags author:brttrx playable race rated
Created 2012-06-30
Last Modified 2012-06-30
by 19 people.
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Description Old school.

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This is like

the best abstract-ish race I've ever played.


Fun map :D
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Still faster AGD

But reaching the limit for getting past those drones.
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C'est jolie voire tous les Avatar, l'un derriere l'autre et pas répétées. Mois aussi içi. Bravo!

good health

to you all =)

Hella fun map.


1 frame faster than swipenet. :)
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Better than it looks.

agd :P
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I only wish I could come close to emulating you. This map is just so damn good.

this is a race and its awesome
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This was really rad. :D

Also I went through a lot of your maps and faved a bunch and you are a fantastic author.
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Also, random question, but you like ATCQ?
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an idea

of the path.
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