Neon Indian

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Author thereisaspoon
Tags author:thereisaspoon featured palabra rated
Created 2012-07-13
Last Modified 2012-07-13
by 25 people.
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Description Sup

This map was featured on 2012-10-07

Neon Indian is interesting. Combining stunning aesthetics with a subtlely devilish jumper, thereisaspoon really amazed me on this one. First of all, the atmosphere of the map is perfect; it is calm enough to allow you to think, but very punishing-one mistake will be the end of you. Second, the start was just plain cool as beans. I don't usually like jumpers that much, but this one climbed its way to the very top of my list, and I'd be willing to say that it's possibly most uniquely fun jumper I have ever played. — lfaber

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Fine map.

The review has promise.
Congrats reisas!!! 5
Good first review lfaber!!

i love it

it looks great, is insanely complicated, and looks unassuming from the thumbnail. nice!
Looks great, 4/5

nice one


fastest agd

106.975 on NReality
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yes I love this map!

Glad you all do too :D
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...faster AGD and still sluggish...

...i agree with everything positive that everyone else said :P...

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oops I was recently making a map,not shouting.
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very sexy tiles.


well deserved.

great map! :D


Fastest AGD so far

I love this map. It's quite hard but also very fun. 5aved!
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I hate this.

It took about half an hour just to get this.

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Good stuff.

I like

Really cool atmosphere + very clever tiles-mines-combination: made me think of my jumps. 4.5

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Among my favorite maps of all time. 5/5, favorited. Brilliant.
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but i fell at the end. and im too tired to do it again. enjoy :D
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