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Author lord_day
Tags author:lord_day blocks close electric rated
Created 2012-10-12
Last Modified 2012-10-12
by 11 people.
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Description Electric Blocks.

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Sub-1500 AGD

I made back in the day which I don't know why I didn't post.
Fun map :D
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You know this is just my kinda thing. Muah, lovely.
Honestly would've loved it if the thwumps on the right were all in the same vertical alignment, if that makes any sense.


this map is amazing. While the concept of thwumps replacing mines isn't new, this is an amazing map and it would be a travesty if this map wasn't featured one day.
golf, are you high? of course you can't get that piece of gold...
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It would

probably take some sort of devil majik to get that piece of gold. If anyone can do it I will give them a blowjob.


slow agd
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AGD (-1?)

Still not entirely convinced that the last gold down there is impossible to get. Either way, still loads faster than losttortuga's demo with the same amount of gold.
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hm.. got 74 on fbf

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I'm really happy you didn't just only present the idea, but thought it through to the end.


I thought the gameplay was lacking in a bit of dynamic but it's still fun and absolutely incredible visually.
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The map in general was kind of repetitive, but really enjoyable.