17-0 Course of Action

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Author R3D_N1NJ4
Tags 17-0 2 author:r3d_n1nj4 contesque featured rated series vanish
Created 2012-11-10
Last Modified 2013-12-03
by 18 people.
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Description my entry for the 'vanish' numacon. i really like the concept of this map. you have to get the trap doors to make safe areas. this is kinda hard to agd but it is definitely possible. there are many routes to take too which is also what i like about this map. i also had to put the mines there to stop people cheating, i hope there aren't any glitches or cheats in it that i already dont know about. if you find any please tell me and post a demo. anyway, i hope you enjoy this map.

This map was featured on 2013-05-10

Every form of art has its skeptics; people who aren't willing to accept that a medium is producing originality and quality after a certain "golden age" or similar creative high. Very few people here on NUMA, however, will posit that mapmaking these days is bereft of ideas, and it's because of maps like this. Mr. N1NJ4 uses an ingenious drone mechanic to create an addictive multipath puzzle with lots of highscoring replay value; as such, he creates a reason for us on NUMA to not wistfully think of the past. — Tommy_Wiseau

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I find it amusing that I was a go-to for the golden age. I'll take it, though!


I think you are the newest player to get a dronie! :P




thanks everyone, there were some brilliant maps there.

Sincerely, my best congratulations for you!!!!!

I guess

congrats on a Dronie :D
I have a bunch of maps building up to release after. :p

Would you mind if I worked on an idea based on this map? I'll give full credit of course.


I've forgotten loads, I know...

Golden Age=

Little Viking

It was a good time to be mapping.
Do you mean with players like Mr. Lim and BenSchultz11?


Gameplay feels too awkward.

It's a brilliant proof of concept.
I doubt we'll ever come close to it again....

cool demo ors

but actually, there is no intended route. its whatever way you want to go

Genius concept..

shame that moving through the one-ways is so tedious...


New featured map! I hoped I see this map again. Last time failed AGD and forgot to comment but Now I got the demo. IsnĀ“t this the supposed way?
Demo Data


Tommy definitely knows his words


Such an awesome word.


grats on 2nd feature dude!


sweet review. and thanks for the ded! i really appreciate it:)
Dustan Makavejev approves!

What is your intention with that kind of comment about your list, Leo, here and there, everywhere?
now I have to take this off of my review list :P


Holy shit, damn phones!!

Also Tommy,

That's a spledid review.
Everything was said as it should be said, you hit right on the nail, and in one ubique fell swoop, nailed it to maximum. Magnificent. A very good opinion here, about NUMA, creators and destroyers, artists and actors. Really loved it. 10/10

congraaaaaaaaaaaaaats my sir!!!!!!!!!
:D :D ;)
i used to see this kind of one ways corridors, but this concept with trapdoors and drones... very good

I didn't know about the 'numacon' ! Is there others challenges ? And how to participate ?

how does this work?


This is very cool and creative!

Agreed with LFaber

This was my favourite vanish map!
Shame I haven't posted a demo yet :P

hahaha thanks guys

thanks guys. vanish has been a great numacon:)
It's brilliant and i'm kicking myself for not thinking of it.


4th Place!

thank you everyone



Great use of mechanics for this one. The concept is awesome, but can be awkward with the transitions between each tunnel because the one ways, but that's what the map is built with so I'm not gonna bunk points away for that one. 4.5/5aved!
Demo Data
so many amazing maps have been popping up by cool authors :O

Faved for later.

Looks like a blast to play.


Gold-over-drones, but I'll let it slide here. It's a great concept and I felt happy figuring out how to beat it.
Demo Data
Awesome map, R3D_N1NJ4!
and im so happy that i have actually created something new. you guys are my inspiration:D