A Year Without Summer

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Author the23
Tags apts2 author:the23 race-ish unrated z230084
Created 2012-12-10
Last Modified 2012-12-10
Map Data

Description Just a short and sweet action race-ish for APT SEASON TWO ROUND TWO.

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the two maps are very different imo. This map is cool though.

This is much cooler than I expected.

the fuck. Does every column have different themes?

in MOSS?

10 Columns.

Have you downloaded the first two?

how many maps are you doing in your mappack?

Faster AGD

Sorry miststalker you have missed the intended flow...
Don't sure if sub500 will be possible at least with this way.
I can not post in NReality Server for some reason.
Demo Data

sorry dude

I'm doing the both stuffs at the same time and don't know why o__________o damn, how could I mix it up so bad..

hey hey deep_blue,

The tiles/started maps that I've send to you days ago, these ones remakes from old odd users were only for you. Yes, I told you something about finding a collab partner for an episode, but it was for an episode of the fourth column, and not yet sent the briefing of the mission, there are still many ahead.

Indeed, I can remember that I sent to you the sketch of the missions/episodes of the next two columns. So what you should do is limit to the current mission was in the 5 mapdata pastebin, and this one I told you. I do not understand why you have mixed the concepts that way. I think we were talking on IRC, and was left with the feeling that everything was clear.
So I got time enough

I'm about

the mappack, Jere. wonder if you're up to making 5 maps right now :D I have the tiles..



you told I should find a collab partner.

We? who?


Demo Data


we're doing the stuff, dude. trust me.

How about me, it's monday I think..


anyways, it seems that patterns now are the cool now

oh sorry the theme for this round it's just patterns..
I liked how it felt like a race.
has the era of multiple close-placed objects begun? :D