{2}A Legit Swagsta' Collab{2}

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Author 123leonidas321
Tags action author:123leonidas321 collab flowy leofeatworth lsudnycollab unrated
Created 2013-02-18
Last Modified 2013-04-21
Rating 2 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description 98... 2 more left until the grand 100!!! Collab with lsudny! We tried to make this really flowy...

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sorry about that

you have to realize that no one cares about ratings so just disable them




I love maps with mine tunnels. The first gauss was decent, but I liked the idea behind of the launchpads. 3.5/5^
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u so sily

but isn't that obvious that rd, viil and apakenua are just vicious hackers D:<

some old stuff. but legendary. i wasn't around.
it's weird to see your old, shitty maps.


my help is never noticed


silly lsudny
this guy? It's not me. This doesn't look like my style. Just a few characteristic for me "horse hooves", but pretty much everyone uses these occassionally. do you really have to accuse everyone of everything even slightly suspicious (btw [])? I have no idea what's going on with these accounts lately, but I'm one of the last people who would do it.

also, I don't use rockets that often in races. I prefer more variety.


I think I got IRC to work. I'm on #wafflesoup.

Honestly man

I'm not that tetra guy. I just woke up :P.

I told him hello.

He said hello too.

nutella <3

*om nom nom nom*

lol k
where's the surprise now


I used underlines.

_ _ ___________ etc.

old lsudny maps are bad for the most part ;-; too awkward etc. etc. etc.

hahaha, not really.

Don't feature that. I have better maps. xD


Nphasis and I had that map in making for over a week. Where's your god now.


what about this one? ;P


Totally commenting during a boring lecture.



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nice and flowy

horrible completion

chaingun kills me if i try to stay on the intended path
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you might as well call this a midly-ambigous-race