Red Lace

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Author Nexx
Tags author:nexx mine-jumper minejumper moa-accepted one-ways puzzley rated
Created 2013-06-22
Last Modified 2013-06-22
by 6 people.
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Description This was the ORIGINAL map (made for Memoirs mappack) that then inspired me to make Blood Vines [] for the apt mapping contest. And wow, that was over 3 years ago.

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this is so good
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And unless I'm late to the party, I see you got a custom title :)


Coming through!


Awesome map here. loved the jumps and the little puzzle aspects. 5aved.
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quick Q

how do you know how many maps you've rated? like, manually?

Enjoyed, of course
I still have two nominations, I'm quite shocked. well, that's kinda cool I guess ;3
@DaggaFork: Thanks for the feedback!

Oh shit, my N is magically working again! Give me a few minutes....
Here's my AGD time:
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sub-1000, yo.
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But alas, as of a month ago, my NReality and Nv1.4 are both stuttering annoyingly (even though I haven't made any significant changes to my computer). Trying to fix it now.

Slow AGD while I figured out the end, hah!
Extremely fun map, and really nice looks
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