Sleigh Bells

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Author 1211
Tags action author:1211 playable unrated wintercon
Created 2013-12-14
Last Modified 2013-12-14
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slow speedrun

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well hi there!
and yours 5-7 days...
as you are older NUMA user do you remember any other map staying this much long on hot maps?

Give me some time. I'll make something good.


you just got dedicated []

okay let it be...

I have completed the dda through another route, and plan to submit in a few hours or maybe tomorrow...

i liked it a lot

i should get into some of Patti Smith's stuff really

also check out Telstar by The Tornados. fantastic stuff there

hahaha don't worry

take your time man, i didnt want to sound impatient. :)


Interesting mish-mashy sort of map. I like it.
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Slow AGD

You have such a way with mines to make them so deceiving! Cool tileset too.

also, hows the collab going?
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Demo Data