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Author maxson924
Tags action author:maxson924 cantara dead-can-dance unrated within-the-realm-of-a-dying-sun
Created 2014-01-26
Last Modified 2014-01-26
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First try AGD.

This is really fun to /wander/ in
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I love exploration maps like this! Well worth the effort you put in. 4.0
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That's one hell of a fun map! Awesome work on this!! :)
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The layout is certainly thorough and well-planned. But the play is a little thin for me, unless I'm trying to go for a high score, which is not usually the way I play.

It may be a case of my play not being up to the map, though. That happens sometimes.


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First try AGD

it's pleasant but nothing particularly exciting
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I spent days on this, so all plays are appreciated!

Also, I should probably try to make some short maps soon.
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