Not a tilejumper

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Author b3njamin
Tags author:b3njamin jumper mines unrated
Created 2014-08-10
Last Modified 2014-08-10
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Description For once. Dont use the walls btw.

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I've been taking a bit of a break from N so a lot of my projects are getting delayed :(
The mappack's /almost/ done, I should focus on that when I'm playing N...
And I /almost/ made it D:
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I really missed your 'on-the-top-super-technical-jumper-maps'. Glad to see some new of them again! :D

This is slick!

Simple yet deceptively hard!
That last jump is a real toughy!


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Sub 400 should possible since I messed up
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Almost completion.

I failed the last one
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This demo shows the first jump though
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Clever jumps, but I can't do like half of them
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