¡Hasta Pronto, Ninja Muerta!

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Author maxson924
Tags action author:maxson924 drunk hasta-pronto--ninja-muerta hpnm spanish unrated
Created 2014-08-26
Last Modified 2014-08-26
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Description drunk map. Also, I really need a new keyboard. Stupid shift key keeps failing.

also, zoas (or anyone else who's a native Spanish speaker): if I somehow made an error in that four-word title, please correct me.

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alright map.
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I intend to!

Three maps in the past ten days... I'd say I'm definitely back to some extent.

Thanks for the plays, people!


Maps always seem to get uploaded whenever I'm either asleep or at school. Its good to see a map being uploaded while I'm active. Also good to see you active again too!
Great map, really fun. Hope you stick around for a while.
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Honestly not bad for a drunk map. Mechanics were great, I had fun. Now for sleep, finally. x.x

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cool map, agd'd
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En otras palabras

ninja *muerta* o todavía ninja *muerto*?

Entonces, asumiendo que la ninja es una mujer, está correcto? O es todavía *el* ninja?

Well, I think you're partially right, obviously the person who is a Ninja could be a girl, then technically could be also femenine, but I think the figure of a Ninja independently if is a male or a female is a masculine word/figure. The only femenine Ninja thing in spanish is a green powerful bike called The Ninja, and is femenine but because is the bike which is femenine.

En este contexto, estoy asumando que nuestro ninja es una mujer.
o es masculino en todas las circunstancias?
I can't get into it now, I'm just at phone, but I'll go there soon, I assure you.. ;)

Hi Rose!

How are you bro?! Nice to see a map from you!! I'll play it.

About the title, is almost well wrote, just a little thing, what do you wanted to mean, "Ninja Death" or "Ninja Died or Dead"? if last, would be "Ninja Muerto" because 'Ninja' weirdly is a masculine word, and if is first option them would be "Muerte Ninja", with reversed words in the order you put them on, and instead of a is an e, because in Castilian is the 'death' of whom? of the Ninja, then "Muerte Ninja"


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