The Empty Hollow Unfolds

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Author maxson924
Tags action author:maxson924 raison-detre rated tehu the-empty-hollow-unfolds
Created 2014-09-01
Last Modified 2014-09-01
by 10 people.
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like i said

technically i never left. i dont think anyone can leave. i dont use irc any more but is there a discord i can drop into?
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not been too bad man. hows you? ive been lurking for ages, posting demos when i feel it
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damn typos


I use Discord chord too. Wanna add?

Second off:

Merry Christmas to you! It's been a while since we've last chatted.

First off:

My joke v

Hey you!

Yeah you! You should make a map!


i had the map almost done and you prompted me to get it finished! how you doing?
or maybe a facebook?

i want all of the admins to get into one place to be able to discuss things pertaining to the site
The plan is to get three new Admin who are more active in the community. No more gloomp, Aids, or 'nid (although he still has powers I can't take away or whatever). My personal choices would be Sunset, DaggaFork, and lifdoff, but I'm hoping we can't get some sort of election going. And then, if you can help the new guys out with running things, I would be super appreciative.

I also want some new Moderators, seeing as flag and kiaora don't come by much. I would suggest DW40 and macrohenry, but if you know of better candidates, let me know.

Also, thanks for all the help you've been the past few years. I couldn't've done it without you. <3


Do you still actively visit NUMA?

Awesome map.

I'd dig it if you came back, but if you ain't feeling it, you ain't feeling it.

Also, beat Paradox.
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don't worry, i'll be back around in irc soonish.


you should make some more. i've been playing our old maps and it's cool to see how we've changed over time.
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Ah ok

It would be cool to see a return from you, but you do what you feel is right :)

Hey man!

Hows it going?
Was just wondering how Chord is going so far?

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no one ever posted a speed demo on this?
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Absolutely agree

I'll be making a map this month! :)


I'm all about this right now.

Great drone-pathing. Just uncertain enough to keep you on your toes.

I just wanted to say thanks for having such great constructive criticism. It means a lot to me. Keep doing what you do Rose.
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Thanks for support, it's actually pretty simple. I'm studying at university and I was struggling with one subject and I had my last try yesterday, and even after studying hard I have failed. Now I still can take that subject again next year, but if I fail again I'll get kicked out of school.
University math is probably too hard for me, but I don't want to get kicked out.

So I'm really sad I let this happen, even if I tried hard. My parents are pissed at me and I have no idea what I'll do if I fail again. It's probably not even a depression, I'm just sad because of this bad situation.


did play again
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first try asagd
would play again
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especially the way you handled the bottom-left. I appreciate the demo and feedback, as always!
Here is an improved AGD with different route, but paradox is still faster.

I really like this map's possibilities of different routes when trying to beat the drones most effectively. Good map.
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You all tend to find routes, specific maneuvers, etc. that I never saw coming. I love it.


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All Switch All Gold Demo.
This is really fun and adventureish :D
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