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Author macrohenry
Tags 200 action author:macrohenry concept medium rated seekers
Created 2015-05-13
Last Modified 2015-05-13
by 8 people.
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This is my 200th map!
Thanks to everyone of you who played/commented on/rated my maps. I am extremely happy that they are so well received. That really motivates me to keep mapping.

So, this map, I spent at least one hour to make it cheatproof as elegant as possible. This is the best solution I could find. Have fun with this map and thank you so much for everything! :)

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Haha! So I'm playing through all casual-like, thinking, "yeah, this is pretty cool, okay," then I head to get the exit switch and "OH GOD NO WHAT HAVE I DONE."

Very cleverly implemented with the seekers; it's usually blatantly obvious when there's a drone trap but the locked door turned it into a lovely, nasty surprise. The gold was tons of fun to collect, especially in the rocket room, and upper right drones were great. The upper left coulda been touched up, nothing exciting happened there, but a great map overall.


Here you go! []
I'm still a bit rusty, but I like where this is going. Kinda looks like an asteroid belt. As always, feel free to change anything.

Looks awesome

Sick tiles!


You can start.
Your tilesets just keep getting better and better. You have a very elegant style.

Hey we should collab.

perfect difficulty

very, very polished


What a nice words from Mohit, they are true!
All my respects to you!

Congrats macro!

You should change your second name to King. Seriously.

You are the only person I know who is a better mapper than is a highscorer.
No, who is a better reviewer than is a mapper.
Wait, who is a better highscorer than a reviewer.

Fuck, you are everything, Mr. All-rounder.
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always a highlight of the front page
definitely one of my favourite mappers
keep goin' at it

Awesome map!

Congrats on reaching 200! You make awesome maps, and I hope you continue making them in the future!

Here's a slow AGD.
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a very good milestone, one of many to come, I suppose.
I also would like to add that I think you should tileset more, you definetly have the talent for that!


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