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Author Tempus_Fugit
Tags action author:tempus_fugit gausses gravewave hardish rated zappers
Created 2015-09-07
Last Modified 2015-09-14
by 18 people.
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Description Please post your new maps, here folks!: link []


gravewave's progress []

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ever since I continued mapping on this acc the only thing I wanted was to have that one map featured. <3 you make dreams happen
also this map is permanently ingrained in my mind like a screen saver burning into your screen


actually in all this time numa didn't work i still have yet to play this map

i know i'm once again being super edgy but don't hate me plis

Okay guys

I think I broke the record for hot map duration. We can move on now.
AKA plz submit maps now.
Super props to my brother for being able to do computer things <3 <3 <3
How do I generate a map file for all my old shit


Hopefully I'll have news this weekend. Sorry it's been so damn long — I'm trying to be better than 'nid!

hi heres a reminder that im still here

Any news?


Oh sorry!

Just some bloke. He works sysadmin, very talented. Somewhat more reliable than Arachnid :P


Also curious

Sunset: I stalked him across the realms of the internet and found another email for him.
Van: Initially, my brother; but once we get stuff fixed up I wanna get more of the community involved. Getting in touch with M&R, as squibbles suggested, could be interesting, but I doubt they'd bite. Certainly something we can discuss though.


Who is going run NUMA now?

Oh, no shit

This is really happening? I guess I better download all my stuff.

Can anyone remind me how to generate a usermap list based of search queries? It's been years since I last did that.

Nice map Tempus. Really nice gold placement around the gauss.

Seriously though, you guys should try campaigning Mare and Raigan to host the site themselves, given we have been padding their game with tons of content for the last 10 years (although unless things have changed, they're almost as hard to get in touch with as Arachnid >_>). In my opinion, it would be madness for them not to in this situation - when a loss of NUMA means a significant loss of value in their product.
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this a momentous occasion, we've finally got the keys to our own site!


Arachnid sez TAKE EVERYTHING. Transfers complete.
Don't expect any quick fixes cuz everything is pretty bolloxed, but we'll do what we can.





how much longer until we can officially declare this site as dead?

So Tempus

What's the update on the site? Any news from Arachnoid?

Nice! Toss it here for now:
I NEED to post. nv2


Said he would, but there's been radio silence since. I'll pester him again soon; I think he's just super busy.


did everything go to plan? did he transfer the site to you?
i'm guessing not. yet.

Oh wow

I didn't realize it's been over a month!

Oh right! Forgot about how high-ranked maps that get to the top.


this map was posted after: ----------- []

How does it feel to be the owneer of the last map on NUMA? :C


I just tried to submit a map... didnt realize it crashed :(

If NUMA comes back

then I'll do everything in my power to reinstall n1.4 and continue making maps. What larger and more competitive incentive could you ask for?

It'll be back!

I promise!
and then i could have died happy

at least

it died on a decent map

15 days