Salad Blues

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Author Spackal
Tags action agds author:spackal hunger unrated welp
Created 2017-05-19
Last Modified 2017-05-19
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Description "Listenin' to these dreary tunes, I feel the weight of salad blues."

Made another map for NUMAcon, 'cause I felt like it. More drone stuff; this map is probably good for speedrunning and agds, so have at it.

Or nacho blues, whatever it looks like to you.


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straight into favorites

awesome tiles

it's on fire!

it's smirking at the ninja too heh like- what are you sitting there like that for are you going to eat me or not. (I don't often come on NUMA)


what the fuck kind of salad is this? An actual bush?

very slow agd

I like the look of it and the drones are cool, they seem to get back on track very easily. I don't think the map is smooth enough for me to want to make a nice fast route but that's not really a flaw
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I'm rusty and I suck. I like this, though; great tiles, and the gold makes for some great routing. Nice nice.
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