Harbor of the Galaxy

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Author lsudny
Tags action author:lsudny rated
Created 2018-07-31
Last Modified 2018-07-31
by 11 people.
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Description // 星系之港 //

well hey there guys, how're you doing?

another old one from the discontinued mappack

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beautiful tileset

and very fun map to explore different routes. The laser/gauss combo was more difficult than I expected it to be.


Oh, what are you studying? and how did you find China? Any trouble getting back home cos of virus stuff?

Yeah, I'm in Australia, luckily we've not been struck too hard either. The government responded a lot better than I expected it to. There seems to be a bit of collective frustration and eagerness to lift restrictions now, but for now they remain pretty firm. Hoping they'll stay firm a while longer just to be on the cautious side but we'll see what happens.

Yeah man a year ago was fun! There was a smmmallll rise in activity which then grew through origami_alligator's retile competition. That energy died pretty soon after the competition though but was a nice little revival while it lasted. Maybe another one's coming who knows.
I've not been on the discord for a while but last I knew there was a few people around, origami (pawz), yahoozy, lord_day, Sept. Most of them in a group chat though, not sure how often they ventured into other N++ channels haha
A few of them map on N++ too, NickDay is L_D, yellotone(? or similar) is yahoozy. Tempus_fugit, DW40, PALEMOON. I've not been on there for a while either though so might've changed. Could be fun to revisit over iso time though.
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love love love



lsudny :D


love the tiles.
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perfect amount of

difficulty. and such a damn fun level, offered a lot of routes and the ability to pull off some super cool jumps. i'll definitely be coming back to this one.
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some of the launchpads were hard to access and led to nowhere


A beauty


First try AGD

Very good atmosphere!
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Map 11/10


better route
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and nice gameplay. 5