mynstur í snjónum

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Author lsudny
Tags arcana author:lsudny editionone rated
Created 2015-01-29
Last Modified 2015-01-29
by 6 people.
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Description emptiest lsudny map since 1896.

haste makes waste; don't rush.

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Hi, I'm glad to see nmaps (the proper site) back.. -well I made the faces work now, maybe that will give u some inspiration. Let me know if you gave up on the idea -it's perfectly ok if you have, I was just wondering that your brain might have some answers for this map

ps. in case you didn't look at the map link in a while, the last idea I had for the eyes were exits with a mine in each as the pupil -which makes for a quirky gameplay idea if all the exit buttons will be shown but some impossible to get to, some taking too long etc. So I'm not sure if gates are need at all, maybe just blockgates helping you get across mines?

or maybe the eyes can be done with tiles after all -I'm pretty flexible on any aspect

sweeet, in the meantime I'll go on youtube and research how rabbits like to eat carrots, teeth marks that they leave and all that. Hehe no, I did have some more thoughts: (the tiles and mines should not look like that of course) Take as much time as you want though, I had the idea a while ago anyway

as for me, I guess I'm on another break from N in general, been avoiding it for quite a long time now heh. I forgot to say it'll be like- monster grinning rabbits chewing a monster carrot.
I don't think there's any point to try to make them look like rabbits -just something abstract (some shapes completely in your style) but with two front teeth depicted, some eyes(maybe even made from gate switches) and pointy ears. :)

Hi Lsudny, how are you keeping? I have an idea for you which I think might suit you. It's two rabbit heads chewing a giant carrot (decorated red with mines -so could be a like mine run map) -I'm thinking it would be nice with extra jaggedy edges everywhere that you like. Well let me know if u have time to have a go or w/e

nice. their most recent album was alright for what they normally put out, but its highlights are the opener and closer.

Hey man!

I'm usually on a laptop lately that doesn't have the keys to use Neditor, so map making and collabing is mostly too tricky. If numa manages to reel me in again down the track I'll shoot you a comment though! (I can be pretty forgetful, so if see me around commenting/making maps feel free to remind me)

Glad to see you're still lurking round like me (though my visits are getting fewer and farther between, I think).

Hope you're doing well!



sexy tiles and that laser was a very entertaining enemy. faved
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How in the hell

Do I get to the IRC? I'm using Mibbit and I'm lost.

We're bffs

I'm totally giving you a s/o in my profile tomorrow just for this. Also, I'll check out your fb tomorrow once I'm not dead-ass tired
we could def
it seems like no one does which is a shame but thank you nonetheless

we're bffs now


I still go on most days (although my computer is sort of broke right now... but I get around that)


I haven't been interested in numa or mapmaking that much recently. No particular reason, just kind of had a passing disinterest... it's actually really good timing i checked the site today, I haven't looked in three weeks, haha.

What's up wit u?

how in the tits are you still making maps?


should of played this way earlier :3


what did I write on the first line :P


I'm so familiar with your maps I didn't realise you haven't mapped in ages but yea that can sort of happen.. you shouldn't feel pressured. I really like this map(!) I played it, my first thought was that it would be nicer if you opened the top a bit more but then I changed my mind. I think it would be nice if instead you expanded slightly the top left room -which I think would make the tiles feel less like simply a border and hence might draw the eye to the details more
work very well together.
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thanks, man

I like the 2 I've listened to so far :D

oh, okay

I'll add you as soon as I get home. Or you can add me: scythex2

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nice job



nice one, red!
They don't come around that often, but when they do, they are amazing.
Also they look pretty awesome too.
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Pretty good

Could just use a touch more excitement. 4

Macro's right

The proper way is just too damn slow :D agd -3
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First try AGD

Just a little bit slower than macrohenry's run :D
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Best highscoring route?
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A new lsudny map. ^_^