Night Bass

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Author lsudny
Tags action author:lsudny featured rated
Created 2013-08-11
Last Modified 2013-08-11
by 21 people.
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Description #stillnotback

This map was featured on 2014-04-10

The ninja patiently descended the twilit hillside, gracefully moving from one concealed spot to another. He felt a cool breeze on his face. His mind was so much clearer out here.

He thought of his big trial tomorrow, back in the village. Exams, belt levels, “missions”: none of it was real. *This* was real. *This* was what mattered.

He could see the wild rocket launcher clearly now, hovering low in the valley, guarding its precious gold. There was no more cover; he had to make a move. His muscles tensed, his heart raced, his neurons fired. He felt alive again. — Nexx

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ah heck faved this -one of the only pixel maps i've ever faved

heh i agree >


thanks for telling me that, so now I think I'll buy a cat, now I like them more, much more, that's much better! You know where I can buy a cat with nine lives? In pet shops near my house only sold with 7 lives, maybe ebay?

btw, congrats on the feature!


Looks nice dude! Kinda hard for me tho


Looks nice dude! Kinda hard for me tho


Looks nice dude! Kinda hard for me tho

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very visually descriptive..
sad to see you go. we will miss you, buddy! :D

underclocked run

just for funsies..
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I dont feel the need to open the unnecessary locked door..
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commented on this map when it was published..
improved speedrun by 20 frames..
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Silly suds thought he couldn't make any good maps with his style. I still stand by my last comment, this map is mega incrediballs!
Congrats suds and excellent review Nexx!
Still love it :)
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I didn't expect that! this review is probably the best I've seen in a while. thank you so much Nexx :D

*needed to post it

I don't know how I could've missed this one. haven't enjoyed a map that much for ages. not the fastest demo, but I needed it cause it took me like 1000 tries (and 999 terrible swearings) to get xD
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senk ju



Only 6 maps to go!

Or 8... :P

Seriously bro, you need to get 500s before the year ends!
Go ahead man!!!

wedlug mnie w 2 sa troche opoznione skoki i trudniejsza kontrola ale faktycznie latwiej jest tylko jeszcz nie wiem czy tam jest miejsce na jeszcz 1 kolor :D

Pamiętasz mnie? :D dałem zaproszenie na fb jak cos to od Mariusz ***** ********* :D chyba bedziesz wiedzial, ostatnio sciagnalem sobie n-game 2.0 i chyba przeszedlem cale 8)
Dam ci 2 screeny. :D w n-game .0 mam nick Rnowa jak cos. aa i to na niebiesko to byly poziomy innych userow niektore zeedytowane :) pozdrowienia :D :D

nice new avatar suds!!!

har har har []

har har har. really, click the link.


After a while not playing this game, I enjoyed your map.
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Sorry to spam

I never mentioned your map.

I like it, the mix of gauss, rocket, and mines is just enough to keep me on my toes without being a major hassle. The one-way mechanic is nice because it's good for speedruns but not really necessary for full gameplay. I'll try and get an AGD tomorrow sometime.


on nreality
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what up suds. It's me,

I'm returning to NUMA after a long hiatus, I can't even remember my password haha. I'd love to start off with a collab or something if you'd be up for that. I'm pretty rusty but I'll be brushing up on my skills with nv2 in the next couple weeks.

Here's a preliminary speedrun, not very fast but with a cool rocket dodge. Real speedrun pending ...
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Plus 104 frames.
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It's a nice map

But I didn't find it too interesting or exciting - I feel like shortshift has made this map dozens of times already.

wtf []

The people, they miss you.
get out of the hot maps page already, lsudny

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Suds I missss uuuu

I'll play this laterrf

what's up sudso
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oh well. jsut read comments. ; d

cheat or not?

anyway nice map ; d
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not really.

I forgot to cheatproof that. ;P

glad you guys enjoyed it ;3
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