Apasionada 874

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Author Hyteriux
Tags 874 apasionada author:hyteriux laserdrone rated
Created 2018-11-09
Last Modified 2018-11-09
by 6 people.
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Description reinvention

its been awhile, hope all is well.

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Thanks Life for the path. I didn't think we could get thru without the rocket hitting us.

There's still more room for improvement
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There's something so satisfying about nailing the ascent to the exit.
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my favorite part

is the room below the rocket. It's a big open space that you basically just fall through, but it's somehow fitting. You can't fall too fast, and you have to worry about the rocket -- it achieves a lot for being so empty. Nice design.
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i like the tiles.

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But here's an AGD
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Agree with

PM. The design is really well done


welcome back! your tile designs are really neat, and i enjoy the big empty space before the exit. the rocket + floorguard tunnel is nicely designed


My rate
I love the style and aesthetics of the map.
By the way, I finally learned to make such maps. This can be seen from my recently created maps.


sweet map


sweet map