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Author Hyteriux
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Created 2018-04-07
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Description some map I made a while ago that I edited a little and am now posting

probably my last for another while probably going to get sent back to the hospital or maybe ill stop being a pussy and just kill myself already who knows

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I know it's hard

It's hard going through therapy. It's hard to have someone who doesn't know you understand what you're going through. But again I say trust me. Do everything in your power to stay positive. Have those 2 best friends pour out what's biting at them. Talk it out.

At this point in time the option may seem good. But once you get through this you'll be happy you didn't go through it. If anything, I'm here to listen to your story. You ever want to talk, add me on FB if you have it.

Use me as support. I won't shy away from it.
Much love <3 <3 <3

I'm sorry man, it sounds like you're going through a really shitty time.

Great you've been doing therapy and have been applying their advice, advice is easy to hear but to put into practice is tough, awesome you're making strides towards applying it! (keep it up!)

It will get better

(and I echo everything Jas said)


I'll try my best

to not do anything stupid

Thanks so much

for the kind words. I wish I could say I wont do it but I cant cause it's honestly pretty likely. It's so fucking hard to enjoy anything anymore my thoughts just keep getting in the way I have so many amazing people in my life and I try so hard to enjoy spending time with them but I live with this underlying hatred of myself and it never leaves and it ruins everything for me. I was hospitalized in a mental hospital a few months back for 9ish days and then put into a partial-day hospital for 2 weeks and then intensive outpatient which was 3 hours a day for another two weeks and for maybe a few days subsequent I Felt okay but every day that followed I felt worse than I did before I was hospitalized. I'm on meds I've been doing therapy it just doesn't help me after so long I can predict what the therapist is going to tell me and I've been trying so hard to apply everything but it hasn't worked. There was one weekend a few weeks back where two of my best friends tried to kill themselves, one of them tried twice that weekend and I relapsed so hard that weekend and there were just cuts everywhere I couldn't even fall asleep every time I moved it felt like needles and I wanted to do it so badly but I just felt so much guilt like it would just make them even worse. Anyways sorry about that.
But for all those that love you, don't do my. I went thru and tried it 10 years ago and trust me it'll get better.

Get close to those who cherish you for who you are; keep yourself busy with things that occupy for interests; and most of all talk. Talk to whoever you can, whoever will listen and stand by your side.

DO things that make you feel better. Whether it be music, sports, activities. Trust me, this is coming from someone who has been through this, don't do it. Push through this and once again; Find 1 or 2 people who have been and always will be by your side. Stick with them and talk to them. It really Helps.
<3 <3 <3

Great map

But you're more appreciated than you know, even on this site as a great mapper and on v2. You'll get through this, and even if it seems like things will never get better, trust me, it will get better

wait what? you are appreciated


That chaingun is great.
Don't kill yourself; things will be different in a year. Don't be afraid to talk to people near you, including finding a counselor if that's an option.
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yes, I also think you should not kill yourself. no matter what's going on you should know that you have an incredible mapping talent that everybody on this site appreciates you for!

i hope you can overcome what you're going through.

I don't know you,

but for the sake of those who love you, please do not do that

apparently I suck at this game too much now to actually beat this, so I cheated :p
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